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Oman 214/6 (49.1) defeat Namibia 213/9 (50) by 4 wickets!!

Oman won the toss and elected to field

Reminder that there is no stream available for this match. This live blog is the closest you will get to being here! Blog below.


Viljoen to bowl the last here.

Fourrrr!!!! 6 off 7 now! Fayyaz paddle sweep! What a time to bring it out too! 6 off the last 6 required!!!

Dug out for a single! 10 off 8!

Two!!! Green misses a run out keeping and the fielder in the deep doesn’t have enough time to back up.

Dot ball! Then a single dug out! 13 off 10!

14 off 12. Smit in.

Goud having a little trouble running as they take three singles in the next three balls. Fifth ball is a two after a good chase from Frylinck.

Expensive 47th over and now Oman need 8 an over for the last three. Viljoen on again. First ball is a yorker that Goud has edged onto his foot. Now being treated by physios.

Crucial misfield gifts Oman an extra and Goud to be back on strike.

Frylinck on for over 47 and hit by Goud over mid off for four, then following up with a huge SIX. Frylinck needs a good response here. New ball also required.

Erasmus misses the direct hit chance from cover! One stump to aim at and just shy!

Viljoen back on and a single off the first ball of the 46th. His second ball is a yorker that forces Fayyaz to dig out.

JJ Smit hit for SIX! Sandeep Goud with the goods! Over long on for a needed maximum.

Smit on again and the first ball controversially given a wide. Second ball is a dot thanks to the solid Canadian Namibian fielding.

Out! Just can’t keep JJ Smit out of the game! Takes the catch of Khurram Nawaz! Frylinck has another one! 3/17 for him now.

53 off 60 required!

16:39 – JJ Smit back on from the clubhouse end. Both Oman batsmen struggling to get the tall left-armer away. 57 off 44 required.


16:33 – WICKET! JAN FRYLINCK! LBW WITH THE FIRST BALL OF HIS SPELL! Kumar gone! 61 off 52 now as Khurram Nawaz comes out to bat.

16:30 – Fifty for Kumar! He brings it up with a scurried two. An edge next ball for a single means 12 off the over!

16:29 – A turning point here perhaps? Two boundaries in consecutive balls by Suraj to bring up the 150.

16:25 – Scholtz on again for Namibia. Not at his best today but races through his over with good effect. 73 off the last 60 balls needed now for Oman.

16:22 – Williams still toiling for Namibia, now in his ninth over of work. Viljoen diving at 45 saving a boundary on the last ball of the over.

16:15 – SURAJ KUMAR HITS ONE OVER US AND OVER THE FENCE! NEW BALL REQUIRED! The Omani side have showed no fear taking on the left-armer. 9 off the over for Oman 134/4

16:10 – Kumar takes on Williams who is bending his back here for Namibia and turning back the clock. Kumar slogs to cow and beats two chasing fielders.

With Canada’s win, OMAN have 100% confirmed their achievement of ODI status no matter the result in this match.

16:00 – Maqsood keeping himself in the sheds here as the tension builds. Over six an over needed now.

15:50 – OUT! WILLIAMS strikes with the first ball of his spell! Nadeem will kick himself over that! Full-blooded cut shot straight into Baard’s chest! Wicket maiden.

15:45 – Meanwhile here at Affies, things have turned a little slow again, thanks in no small part to Smit being reintroduced and bowling well. Zhivago at the other end starts his fourth over well, only to slide one down leg that is swept for four by Nadeem.

If you haven’t had a look at the Canada v PNG score. I suggest you do. Things heating up at Wanderers and Nick Skinner is doing a fine job updating that game. Make sure to have a look!

15:36 – JJ Smit back on at the clubhouse end of the ground and troubling Suraj Kumar straight away with two plays and misses. Smit looking just as quick in this spell as he was to open the bowling.

15:33 – Hundred up for Oman. A moment ago Viljoen was taken again over mid-wicket, this time by Suraj Kumar who is enjoying the short stuff.

15:23 – Big over that for Oman with Kumar also cashing in with a well-manufactured drive. Erasmus now turning to Zhivago Groenewald.

15:22 – Viljoen loses his length and is hit into the stand here at Affies! Mohammad Nadeem showing his power.

15:15 – The communication comes into question once more with Nadeem jetting off for a quick single before being sent back.

15:12 – A lighter moment as Christi Viljoen comes down to the boundary at the end of his tight over. After a chat with the two batsmen in the middle, he tells the crowd that Nadeem and Suraj Kumar can’t understand each other in the middle. Luckily I had my Afrikaans translator with me to get that one.

15:00 – Frylinck strikes! Ilyas gone! The plan has worked! Green behind the stumps with a brilliant low catch off the quick bowler. Ilyas back and cutting with the thinnest of edges. That’s a big scalp!

First drinks here in the second innings at Affies with things fairly even here. Oman possibly a fraction ahead though Mohammad Nadeem is yet to find his feet in the middle. Ilyas by contrast has exploded. Zhivago Gorenewald may be a key player in the next 20 overs.

14:52 – Ilyas has raced to 42 off just 37 rocks for Oman so far.

14:45 – Ilyas SIX! Scholtz a little expensive early and Namibia’s main slow threat is being hit around. This time over mid-wicket with a flick over the rope.

14:45 – Frylinck inches away from a caught and bowled! Ilyas second guessing and bunting the ball back that loops over the bowler perilously. So close to a third.

14:40 – Out! Khawar Ali picks out the skipper at cover! Lazy shot, neither going airborne or along the ground and Erasmus hurls the ball aloft in celebration! Namibian crowd loving this and understandably so!

14:34 – Ilyas with another SIX! Swept over cow, with Scholtz uncharacteristically inaccurate. 46/1.

14:32 – Frylinck now utilised for the 12th over going for three of his first over.

14:27 – Powerplay done with Oman just extending a little and moving the score along to 34. Scholtz into the attack.

14:24 – EDGED, NO SLIP! Erasmus lambasts himself. He knows that’s one they should have had there.

14:15 – SIIIIX. Aqib Ilyas hits one near us, into the curator’s shed. Class.

14:08 – Out! And that had been coming. With the pressure building Jatinder Singh lifts again, only to find Stephen Baard at point! Baard’s father to my right is chuffed! Huge scalp.

14:02 – Khawar Ali again with the risky drive on the up, juuuust wide of the cover fielder. Williams in response wants Erasmus to come into a short cover. No slips in now for the hosts.

14:00 – Good pressure here as a couple of frustrated shots come out. Khawar Ali down the track to dive down to mid on, with Jatinder Singh poking with nerves to gully. Luckily for Oman, no fielder there with Erasmus opting to run up the field elsewhere.

13:55 – Another crucial stop from Kotze to keep the pressure on, as Khawar Ali is still yet to open his account with the bat. Williams looks charged up today.

13:50 – Williams to take the other new ball and looks up to speed early. Also helped by JP Kotze at cover to prevent a first boundary perhaps. Kotze a keeper by trade covering well in the covers.

13:46 – Close to a breakthrough! JJ Smit so close to the off stump as Khawar leaves. The slip cordon giving away that the ball was inches from hitting poles.

13:45 – Players and umpires back out and the leader for man of the match so far, JJ Smit, has the new ball in hand.

13:05 – What a special performance by the lower order today to push to 213, but most importantly batting out the overs at Affies. Some singles and twos to push the score to a defendable total. Namibia may secure their future today.

13:02 – Two wickets in two balls! Green top edges to Ilyas while Smit is bowled next delivery. Outstanding batting and I’m struggling to come up with superlatives for some of the shots played. Special cricket.

13:00 – 100 run partnership!!! Namibia have pulled things back magnificently! After one stage looking like being rolled for around a hundred, Zane Green and JJ Smit have showed Namibian fight to lift the score over 200!

12:55 – JJ Smit what a knock this is! Down the order and stroking through the covers for two fours in five balls! He celebrated his fifty by saluting his teammates and punching the national logo on his chest. He knows how vital this knock can be!

12:50 – Huge over, 13 off it! Including a huuuge six from Green over the fence at wide long-on!

12:45 – PEOPLE ARE STILL BOWLING SHORT TO JJ SMIT SIIIIX. All of a sudden moves to 48!

12:43 – Smit with two consecutive boundaries. One a smart square drive opening himself up to find the gap, with the second a glide the other side of the point fielder. He then pushes a single down to Jatinder Singh at long-off.

12:41 – A more miserly over from Kaleemullah who soaks the runs up well in his over.

12:36 – SIX! Smit can hit! Short and pulled onto the hill on the far side. One things teams haven’t learned yet is that Smit looooves a short ball. He’s hit that almost into the group of houses next door. 16 off the over as well!

12:35 – A SWARM OF BEES HAS COME ACROSS THE GROUND! Players and umpires take cover by laying on the ground.

12:30 – ZANE GREEEN! Four more! Footwork perfect and the head and hands do the rest! Fielders no chance to stop that. Good little partnership this for the home side.

12:28 – Pull shot just wide of Zeeshan Maqsood at mid-wicket for a chance of a catch. Namibian pair looking to expand with their shot selection now.

12:25 – SHOT JJ SMIT! Textbook cover drive beating two outfielders plus a man on the run. He also sneaks a two a ball or two later. Good over for the Namibians who need a late flurry to post a competitive score.

12:22 – Ooh Kaleemullah beats Smit with an effort ball later in the over, though the Namibian quick flicks a nice leg glance down to the fine leg fielder, Jatinder Singh.

12:20 – It is Kaleemullah to come on from the opposite end he opened from, as Green and Smit push singles with the fielders out.

12:15 – Zeeshan Maqsood bringing himself back on and just baulks on his first delivery stride perhaps to gauge Zane Green’s backing up. He gets through his over without a fuss and I can also tell you that Kaleemullah is limbering up!

12:08 – No shocks to see Khawar Ali on to bowl once more. He has been excellent with his control. What is more surprising is that Aqib Ilyas has been given a crack with an over of his off spin. No damage for Namibia as they negotiate him.

12:03 – First boundary in what seems an eternity! JJ Smit rocks back and creams a pull shot to the fence. Fayyaz may think about bumping him again one would suspect!

12:01 – Officially afternoon here in Windhoek as Khawar completes his 8th over, with figures of 2/21 in what has been a controlled spell. Just get the feeling that the pair in the middle are biding their time before exploding. Fayyaz Butt charging in again.

11:55 – Players have returned from drinks with Fayyaz Butt now around the wicket to the left-handed Green. Green plays a nice cover drive to tick the score into three figures. 34 overs gone for Namibia.

11:50 – Khawar Ali has been fantastic today, looking more controlled than perhaps we’ve seen him before in previous tours and tournaments. JJ Smit along with Zane Green have held the fort.

11:42 – Apologies Namibia fans, that wicket is on me! Erasmus chops on! Fayyaz Butt straight into the attack and his first ball brings a wicket. Too close to cut for Erasmus who is cramped and edges onto his stumps.

11:38 – For all of Oman’s dominance (and the scoreline) it hasn’t felt as if the Omanis have outplayed the home side. With a careless run out and a couple of soft dismissals, they only have themselves to blame I’m afraid. Though the one thing that should fill Namibian fans with some confidence is that Erasmus has looked classy and immovable.

11:30 – Out! Khawar Ali has another LBW! Viljoen also trapped LBW. Not plumb by any stretch with height a question as he came forward. Haggo with no hesitation though. Namibia 93/6

11:25 – Bilal Khan back looking to rip through the rest of this lineup. Maqsood on the attack.

11:22 – Kaleemullah warned for his throws not being up on the full. Erasmus flagging it with Dowdalls also coming to the same conclusion that it was intentional from the fast bowler.

11:18 – Maqsood appeals for a LBW again, to be turned down once more by Dowdalls. Even Kaleemullah in front of us smiles back to the media tent as if to say it was a hopeful shout.

11:12 – OUT! This time Khawar Ali has his man! LBW. Williams tries the sweep, and with the ball a fraction too full is struck in line and given out after deliberation from Allan Haggo. Both umpires Scottish today, with Alex Dowdalls at the other end.

11:08 – Well bowled Khawar Ali beats Williams with a beauty, following up with a delivery that forces an inside edge that avoids the stumps. Williams yet too look convincing.

11:05 – MIX UP! FRYLINCK is run out! A diving Frylinck dives in desperation, only to be given out by Alex Dowdalls. Fayyaz Butt completing the run out in close. Gerhard Erasmus is protesting something, or at least having a chat to the umpire but there is no change. Namibia in a spot of bother at 75/4.

11:00 – Khawar Ali on from the far end with his leg-breaks.

10:52 – Frylinck in now for Namibia and he takes a quick single taking on mid-off who can’t pick up cleanly.

10:48 – OUT! Bredenkamp is stumped! Maqsood has his man this time! Poor from Jean who looked to premeditate on that occasion and didn’t even bother scurrying back.

10:47 – Bredenkamp survives an LBW shout versus Maqsood. Looks to have been sliding down leg, with the natural angle in to the right hander.

Drinks taken here at Affies! It’s been just about smooth sailing for Bredenkamp and Erasmus this morning. Oman have definitely looked to unnerve all four batsmen today with short stuff though it’s fair to say the bouncers have been fairly well negotiated.

10:40 – BOUNCER! Erasmus only just gets out of the way of that one! An effort ball by Fayyaz on that occasion.

10:38 – Khawar Ali with a great diving stop off the bowling of Fayyaz with Erasmus’ square drive reeled in. Looks as if there as been little movement in the air with either new ball.

10:37 – 16th over with Maqsood back on. Erasmus proactive at the crease calling for two with a shot to long-on but the fielding on the boundary by Khurram is up to scratch.

10:35 – Bredenkamp survives a big LBW shout! Suraj Kumar jumping up and down in the appeal looks convinced though the umpire is unmoved. Fayyaz looking disappointed with that decision, almost motionless in disappointment and looking to the heavens.

10:30 – 15th Over – Erasmus with two boundaries! A slive of luck with the first an outside edge wide of slips, though also not at catchable height, with the second a confident punch through mid on. Races to 9 off just 4 balls. Namibia pass the fifty to continue their solid WCL2 campaign.

10:26 – 13.3 – OUT! BAARD IS GONE! A lazy flick off the pad it must be said, with perhaps a hint of an inside edge, finds the short mid-wicket! Taken by Jatinder Singh who celebrates with a Shikhar Dhawan thigh-five.

10:22 – 12.2 – A full blooded cut is stopped with a dive from Khawar Ali, conceding two instead of four. Bredenkamp looking in relative control with Baard providing a good platform for his side.

10:20 – Zeeshan races through his over, conceding two in his first over.

10:19 – 12th over – A double change as Zeeshan Maqsood brings himself on with his left-arm orthodox

10:15 – Fayyaz Butt into the attack from clubhouse end of the ground, bending his back. Bredenkamp plays and misses a pull, though has looked in control.

10:13 – End of 10th over – Namibia despite the loss of Kotze have managed the new ball pair well, with Baard in particular digging in.

10:10 – 10th over – BANG BREDENKAMP! Pulls Kaleemullah over mid-wicket with authority! Earlier he survived an appeal for caught behind with a wide called down the leg side.

10:07 – 9th over – Again more short stuff from Bilal with questions in the crowd about the amount of bouncers in an over. Once again the Namibian crowd showing their cricketing IQ.

10:05 – 9th over – Bilal Khan again pitching short, this time for Baard who leans back in evasive action. Next ball cuts Baard in half, and looks to get a tickle on it with byes/leg byes not called. Three fielders sprinting to it from different directions almost meet at the ball simultaneously to keep it in play.

10:03 – 8th over – A misfield from the point fielder gifts Namibia a run to finish the over. They move to 26/1

10:00 – 8th over – Kaleemullah looking if anything a little off the pace and with his third ball is cut for four by Baard who moves into double figures.

Just an update on the sides of today:

Namibia: Baard, Kotze, Bredenkamp, Erasmus (c), Williams, Viljoen, Green (wk), Smit, Frylinck, Scholtz, Groenewald.

9:58 – 8th over – Bilal Khan now testing Jean Bredenkamp with the short stuff. The man who made fifty against the USA with no trouble evading the balls being banged in.

9:54 – JP Kotze out! Namibia 19/1 to start the 7th over. A little stranded down the leg side and a noise onto the thigh pad, with the ball looping to Kumar behind the stumps. Great early breakthrough for the home side.

9:51 – Over 5.2 – FOUR more! This time Stephen Baard on the flick down the leg side. Little uppish from Baard but the growing Namibian contingent (including his dad who I am happy to report is back) like that a lot!

9:50 – Second boundary of the over! Kotze with a gorgeous flick off the pads for a boundary. 13/0

9:49 – Kotze again tested short though this time finds a top edge for a boundary to move the score to 9/0 in the 5th over.

9:44 – Over 4.1 – Oman convinced they have their first of the morning as Kotze misses on the pull shot. Ball balloons to Suraj Kumar though the umpires is unmoved. A slight delay as officials check Kotze’s helmet, though he is all good to continue.

9:40 – Half a chance as Baard’s drive slices out through point. Omanis for a second though they might have been half a chance of a catch

9:35 – Slow going in the early stages as the pair of Baard and Kotze blunt the attack. Kaleemullah steaming in.

9:30 – Players and umpires ready to go here at Affies. Bilal Khan to take the first over.

8:50 – Hello and welcome to Affies Park in Windhoek for more WCL2 action. We aren’t far away from a toss and we’ll pass information onto you, our amazing readers, as it comes to hand. Happy to report it is another glorious day in the nation’s capital, and we should have no interruptions today. Stay tuned!

More WCL2 action at Affies as the home side take on the only unbeaten team at the tournament.


  1. Let me just quickly say this before the teams are posted here: I think Pikky Ya France should be given a go at the top of the order for Namibia today. JP Kotze has made 25 runs in three innings. If Ya France doesn’t get the nod today, it’ll be hard not to come to the conclusion that he and Lungameni are just in the squad for image reasons.


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