Game 12: USA v HK WCL2 live blog

Cricinfo Scores | ICC Scores HK requires 281 to win. (Toss: HK). LIVE BLOG BELOW



38.4 130/7 – WICKET Afzal goes for the slog sweep of Walsh Jnr, and succumbs as his skier is caught by Patel.

30 106/5 – Wasif out trying to take Gore downtown – nicked to slip

28 OVERS 98/4 – Shah sweeping well but to the fielders on the fence. Required rate now over eight.


8 OVERS 26/2 – Abbasi off the mark with a punch in front of square piercing the offisde for two.

7 OVERS 23/2 NO BALL! Might have been for field restrictions but nothing from the free-hit.

6 OVERS 21/2 WICKET – THE BIG ONE! Rath is gone LBW to the leading wicket-taker of WCL2: Ali Khan. Almost unplayable inswinging yorker crashed into the back foot of the skipper in front of middle stump.

5 OVERS 19/1 – WICKET! Atkinson hits a Taylor long hop straight to backward square leg on the circle. Jamie was looking good – a big blow for HK’s chances. Left-handed Kinchit Shah to the crease – bother batters sporting their Emerging Cricket bat stickers

4 OVERS 17/0 – BOUNDARY! – Atkinson whips Khan off his toes for four to backward square

3 OVERS 12/0 – BOUNDARY! Atkinson plays a superlative drive wide of mid off all the way along the ground for four, and keeps the strike with a single from Taylor’s final ball.

2 OVERS 5/0 – Ali Khan to open from the Northern end to Rath who punches the ball to the right and under the diving skipper Netravalkar for three.

1 OVER 2/0 – Steven Taylor to open with his off-spin over the wicket to Atkinson who gets off the mark on the third ball punched through cover point for one. Some turn here early for Taylor starting into the breeze – meaning the 50th over will be bowled with the wind at the bowler’s back. Will it go down to the last over?

Jamie Atkinson and Anshuman Rath walk out to commence Hong Kong’s chase of USA’s 280.

USA FINISH ON 280/8 – Patel smashes the last two ball for SIX!

49 OVERS 253/6 – two switch-hit fours from Patel in that over

48 OVERS 250/6 – run out appeal – not out! Replays suggest Patel was short but no replays on hand for umpires

47 OVERS 240/6 – WICKET!

46 OVERS 236/5 – HK bowling well here only conceding ones and twos

42 OVERS 206/2 – Just the single boundary from Marshall to a short ball from Abbasi.

41 OVERS 198/2 – Ehsan continues with a tight over to Aaron Jones who struggles to get off the mark in windy conditions.

40 OVERS 195/2 WICKET! ABBASI WITH THE BREAKTHROUGH – high ball to long on is taken at the second attempt by Tanveer Ahmed.Taylor departs for 88

38 OVERS 188/1 – another maximum into the soccer field to Marshall. Hong Kong ruing that dropped chance earlier.

37 OVERS 179/1

36 OVERS 175/1 – MISSED CHANCE! Aizaz comes in too far from the long off boundary and it sails over his head for FOUR

34 OVERS 162/1 – Abbasi on to bowl – tight start and that’s DRINKS

32 OVERS 156/1 – Tanveer back on – four first ball bowler and umpire need to take evasive action at Taylor creams that straight for four. A shorter one is also pulled for a boundary square of the man on the midwicket fence.

31 OVERS 146/1 – Almost a runout – another mixup and Tanwir takes the bails off at the bowler’s end but not quick enough

30 OVERS 141/1 – a huge blow from Taylor off Ghazanfar over wide long on for SIX. Wide next ball for two and then a heaving slog sweep from Marshall for SIX into the adjoining soccer fields. Last ball of the over nearly a stumping as Marshall came down but the width of the ball gave Xavier tie to make his ground before Atkinson took off the bails

28 OVERS – 121/1 – Ghazanfar on to bowl on debut with his leg spin. Turning sharply early – so much so one turned off middle to go way down the legside for two wides.

27 OVERS – 117/1 50 up for both Taylor and Marshall on consecutive balls

26 OVERS 113/1 – 100 partnership comes up.

25 OVERS 106/1 – After my stint on comms with Andrew Leonard I’m back!

18 OVERS 59/1 DROPPED! Marshall pulls firmly to Rath who gets two hands to the ball above his head but it ricochets off his palms on balloon 5 metres behind him and he isn’t able to gather it in. And Umpire Polosak call DRINKS

7 OVERS 29/1 – Shah continues and slides one past the outside edge of Marshall

6 OVERS 28/1 MAIDEN – Tanveer Ahmed into the attack draws play and misses from Taylor.

5 OVERS 28/1 – Taylor has taken a liking to Aizaz hitting him for three boundaries

2 OVERS 11/1 – WICKET! – PATEL C& B! Kinchit draws the leading edge opening from the other end

1 OVER 9/0 – five separate wides from Aizaz

Three changes for HK – Subramanyan, McKechnie & Nawaz out; Ghzanfer, Wasif & Tanveer in. No changes for USA.


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