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Honour Roll of Appreciation – EC Patrons

Since February 2022

Sagir Parkar, Australia

Since January 2022

Liz Lynch, USA
Jan Alexander

Since December 2021

Erin Kane, USA

Since November 2021

David Kuhlwilm, Norway
Kevin Magee, Barbados
Marco di Giammarino, Australia
Shaun Fisher, England

Since October 2021

Rajiv Thadani, USA

Since September 2021

Alex Ashenden
Andre Pizzoferrato
Ben Farnham, England
Samir Padival

Since August 2021

Brent Simmonds
Declan Jones, Australia
Jon Pike, England
Lanford Husdon, England

Since July 2021

Chris Whiffin, Vietnam
Ian Aitchison, Australia
Kazi Rahman, England

Since June 2021

Tom Dunmore, USA

Since May 2021

Richard Oldroyd

Since April 2021

Harold Horsman, Netherlands
Luke Reynolds, Australia
Mike Fitzgerald (until July 2021)

Since February 2021

David Jones, USA
Jed Hinds, Australia

Since January 2021:

Mikey Godsmark, England
Jarron White, New Zealand
Xavier Kvalic, Australia

Since November 2020:

Charlie Burke, Australia
Madhu Murali, Ireland
Milind Pania
Paul van Meekeren, England/Netherlands
Tim Brooks, England

Since October 2020:

James Worstead, France

Since October 2020:

Amiya Gupta, USA
Josh Merriman, Australia
Kobus Olivier, Ukraine
Sam Dyer, Scotland

Since September 2020:

Adriaan van den Dries, Netherlands
Vrigu Mohanty, India

Since August 2020:

Jay Dansinghani, Hong Kong
Jonathan Howard, USA

Since July 2020:

Nitesh Hemlani, Hong Kong

Since June 2020:

Conor Prendergast, Ireland
Isaac Lockett, England (until Jan ’21)

Since May 2020:

Ryan Morgan, Australia

Since April 2020:

Ashton Mascarenhas, Scotland
James Lloyd, England
Kieran Holly, England
Laurence Kidd, England
Mel Fouch, England
Mog, Destroyer of Worlds, Australia
Nathan Hays, USA
Peter Della Penna, England / USA
Teresa So and Rory Knox, England

Since March 2020:

Jim Congdon, Australia
William Glenwright, UAE

Since February 2020:

Matt Davis, Australia (until April ’21)
Max Abbott, Australia
Nicholas Porter-Ch’ng, England

Since October 2019:

Adam Sutton, Australia (until Jan ’20)
David Ager, England
Gary Murphy, Ireland
Mark Latter, Guernsey
Pete While, England
Steve Curran, Australia
Tom Nielsen, USA

Since September 2019:

Andrew Greenwood, Australia
Andrew Nixon, England
Ben Stinga, Australia
Cameron Allen, Switzerland
Clive Azavedo, UAE
Daniel Weston, Germany
Devin Flores, USA
Kyle Christie, Australia / Hong Kong
Manuela Melt-Weston, Germany
Wodney Charles, Hong Kong
Mustafa Moeen Qureshi, Canada (until Jan ’20)
PJ Goedhals, USA
Rick Eyre, Australia
Ron Woods, Australia
Rohith Shenoy, USA
Shounak Sarkar, Australia
Sidhant Garg, India
Steve Roberts, Nepal
Tom Grunshaw, England

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Our most recent interviews – again, the extended versions are available only to Patrons – with Jake Perry discussed his new book “The Secret Game – Tales of Scottish Cricket” and a week prior, Andrew Nixon explored the game’s history in USA and what could have been, along with the modern game’s pathways and development, as well as cricket’s issue with change & diversity.

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