The Highs, the lows and the future of Nepal Cricket

By Samraat Maharjan as part of #ECVoice On September 6, Nepal marked 26 years of international Cricket. On that very day, they played against the...

Former International’s take on Cricket Scotland’s findings

In the wake of an independent report that found Cricket Scotland to be institutionally racist, former Scottish international Simon Smith mulls over his thoughts...

Can the Knights knock the Lightning off their pedestal? Ireland Interpro preview

The first of May marks the start of the Irish Domestic season. The schedule shows a clear focus on using the Interpros to prepare...

The Cricket World Cup Super League: context and promise it could deliver

Back in 2017, ICC made the announcement of introducing the 'ODI Super League' - an ODI league post the 2019 World Cup aimed at...

West Indies as separate cricketing countries?

Here’s a curly question for you: how many countries are members of the International Cricket Council? If you’re a true cricket fanatic, you may know...

Olympic inclusions offers a huge platform for emerging cricket

The conversation about cricket entering the Olympics is optimistic at best, overdone and jaded at worst. However, the past Olympic cycle has seen a...

The ICC is sitting on a 300 million person cricket revolution ahead of this month’s U19 World Cup

The Under-19’s Men's Cricket World Cup is usually relegated to vague opinion pieces regarding who the next big thing will be for the major...

The story of Moroccan cricket: baksheesh, bombs, and the death of a dream

Morocco hasn’t been kicked out of the ICC because Moroccans don’t play cricket. Or because the North African Kingdom hasn’t got the facilities. Morocco has been...

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