Game 10: PNG vs. Canada WCL2 live blog

Toss: PNG elect to bat.
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Over 34.2 – that’s the game! Heyliger thumps another 4 through midwicket off Amini to level the scores, then knocks a single out through the same region to seal Canada’s victory by 3 wickets with 94 balls remaining.

Over 33.4 – boundary! Heyliger heaves it through square to the rope. Canada 150/7 after 34 overs.

Over 33.1 – boundary! Jacobs drives smartly through the covers to bring up his 50. Canadian team significantly more relaxed now.

Over 33.0 – Canada 140/7. Amini hustling through his overs now, trying to manufacture some time pressure

Over 32.0 – Canada 137/7. Canada bench cheering every single now.

30.6 overs – wicket! Canada wobbling again as Amini extracts Dutta, caught playing across the line and trapped LBW. 134/7

Emerging cricket is back! After a stint on TV2 Africa comms and an early wobble Canada are looking comfortable with the runs needed under 30. 126/6 off 29 overs.

That wraps up the PNG innings. A rearguard 82 from Assad Vala the only resistance from PNG, who were in danger of being bowled out for under 100 at 6/42 then 7/70. Vala did well to nurse his side past 150, and give his bowlers something to aim at. They will have to bowl extremely well if they’re to defend this though.

Over 44.2 – six and out! Heyliger back on and PNG’s 150 up as he thwacks a massive blow over square leg. Then attempts to hit into the wind down the ground and the man on the rope camps under it and takes it with safe hands. PNG bowled out for 154.

Over 43.6 – wicket! Pokana gone fishing, hangs his bat outside off and it the ball collects a gentle edge. Jacobs collects the regulation catch. PNG 148/9 off 44.

Over 43.3 – dropped catch! Vala on the sweep and skies it. Swirls high in the air and the man at short square loses it in the sun and spills a tough chance.

Over 43.1 – boundary! Dhaliwal back on and Vala collects 4 as he paddles a sweep fine past the diving Jacobs.


Over 42.0 – PNG 138/8. Rest of the over far less eventful as Kumar pushed around for singles into the off side.

Over 41.1 – bees! Play stopped briefly as a swarm of bees flies over the pitch and players hit the ground in self-preservation.

Over 41.0 – PNG 136/8. Six to Vala! Launches into a slog sweep that sails over square midwicket. Lands a few metres over the rope, narrowly missing the cameraman.

Over 40.0 – PNG 127/8. Nitish Kumar replaces Gunesekara. Hustles through a maiden.

Over 39.0 – PNG 127/8. Zafar Knocked out through square by a Vala sweep, then Pokana demonstrates a correct technique by blocking him out for the rest of the over.

Over 38.0 – PNG 126/8. Gunesekara picked off down the ground into a big gap straight.

Over 37.0 – PNG 123/8. Zafar hustles through another tidy over with Pokana pinned down after Vala pushes out a single into the leg side.

Over 36.0 – PNG 122/8. Gunesekara rolling through his overs as the Papuans scratching their way towards 150 and some kind of total to bowl at.

Over 35.0 – PNG 119/8. Saad bin Zafar back on and draws an edge from Pokana wafting outside off. 3 runs as it dribbles out down towards the rope at third man.

Over 34.0 – PNG 113/8. Gunesekera trundles through the rest of the over as new man Nosaina Pokana successfully block him out.

Over 33.3 – wicket! Gunesekara into the attack with his medium pace masquerading as legspin and Kila edges an attempted back foot push through off. Jacobs completes a nice catch jumping up from behind the stumps. Vala shakes his head.

Over 32.5 – six! Lost ball! Kila nails the slog sleep and it sails over midwicket, bounces off a barbecue about 10 metres past the rope and flies over the fence around the ground proper. PNG 110/7 off 33.

Over 32.0 – PNG 101/7. A turgid passage of play briefly lights up as Kila brings up the team 100 by reaching wide and slapping Heyliger through cover-point. Drinks taken.

Over 30.0 – PNG 91/7. Heyliger back on, replacing Dutta. Strays down leg for a wide, but no runs otherwise, as Kila can’t get him away.

Over 29.0 – PNG 90/7. Vala circumspect the rest of the over.

Over 28.1 – boundary! Vala down on one knee and thumps a slog sweep for a one-bounce 4.

Over 28.0 – PNG 84/7. Dutta tying Kila in knots as he draws him forward with a couple of false shots outside off. No edge though.

Over 27.0 – PNG 83/7. Vala pushes a single into the covers.

Over 26.1 – boundary! Vala sends Kumar round the corner to backward square with an effective sweep shot.

Over 26.0 – PNG 77/7. Maiden from Dutta, who bowls a stifling line.

Over 25.0 – PNG 77/7. Nitish Kumar on, replacing Zafar. Left arm finger spin makes way for right arm finger spin, with much the same tidy results.

Over 24.0 – PNG 76/7. Dutta back on, having swapped to the commentary end. Hustles through another tidy over. Vala and new man Jason Kila (also LHB) just looking to survive here.

Over 20.6 – wicket! Zafar gets his man! Vanua tries to force it through the off side, but mistimes it and the man at short cover jumps up to take a good grab at head height. PNG 70/7 off 21.

Over 20.4 – six! Vanua steps forward and launches new bowler Saad bin Zafar (left-arm orthodox) high over mid-on. Lands in the adjacent training nets. Massive shot.

Over 20.0 – PNG 63/6. Eranga replaces Heyliger. Tidy over kept out effectively by Vanua, who gets inside the line and plays with a straight bat.

Over 19.0 – PNG 60/6. Dutta continues, over blocked out by Vala.

Over 18.0 – PNG 59/6. Heyliger still on, almost gets Vala! Slides a bouncier one across him and draws an edge but it dies in the air and lands just short of the man at around 4th slip.

Over 16.6 – six! New man in Norman Vanua (RHB) latches onto a floater from Dutta and it flies high over cow corner. Few more of these would be handy for the Papuans. PNG 55/6 off 17.

Over 16.2 – boundary! Vala playing a lone hand here as he sweeps Dutta along the carpet to the rope at vacant square leg. A man is subsequently brought round to cover that area.

Over 15.6 – wicket! Heyliger continues and Doriga tickles one down leg. Nice diving catch by keeper Jacobs and an insistent appeal finally draw the umpire’s finger skyward. PNG 42/6 off 16.

Nice view up the media tower as the players are back on the field.

Over 15.0 – PNG 39/5. Vala and Doriga running well, but there is a long way for them to go here if they want to reach a defensible total. Drinks.

Over 14.0 – PNG 36/5. Vala showing off his dfensive technique here with a string of immaculate blocks. Only runs coming from push-and-runs into cover and midwicket.

Over 11.0 – double wicket maiden! Dutta into the attack and does for Siaka through the air. Lega with a tame prod lobs straight back to the bowler. Typical Siaka dismissal really – looked nice then got out to poor shot selection. Then Dutta concludes the over with another wicket as Bau miscues a drive to Gunesekera at short cover. PNG really in the hole at 33/5

Over 10.0 – PNG 33/3. Lega Siaka counterattacks! Lays into Heyliger with a pair of tasty hook shots that fly for 6 and one-bounce 4.

Over 8.0 – PNG 15/3. PNG in all sorts of trouble here as Heyliger finds the juicier Wanderers pitch to his liking. First he draws Amini forward, flashing wide and edging to second slip, then bounces out Chad Soper with a sharp bumper that he can only fend to Gunesekera at gully.

Over 4.0 – PNG 10/1. Dhaliwal continues, sliding across the left-handers. Only run comes from Amini pushing through midwicket.

Over 3.0 – PNG 9/1. Eranga continues, bowling a good line outside off.

Over 2.0 – PNG 8/1. Jacobs persisting with Dhaliwal-as-opener gambit. Runs in with his nagging medium pace again, with Jacobs up to the stumps. Amini punches out through cover for a single, then Vala flicks 2 through midwicket.

Over 1.0 – PNG 5/1. Assad Vala off the mark with a confident push through midwicket that runs away for 4.

Over 0.1 – wicket! Romesh Eranga strikes first ball of the match with his left-arm seamers. Removes the dangerous Tony Ura with one that just straightened off the pitch and slipped past his prodding bat into the pads. Umpire raises the finger.

8:45 AM – play about 45 minutes away here.


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