Game 13: Canada vs. USA WCL2 live blog

Toss: USA, elected to bowl
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Over 50.0 – Canada win by 40 runs, but they are leapfrogged by PNG on run rate so celebrations are muted. Looks like a loss honestly, and it’s another heartbreak in Windhoek for the Canadians as they miss out on ODI status by the slimmest of NRR margins.

Over 49.4 – Canada eliminated! Kenjige guides it through third man and through the short field away for 4. USA to 215 and that will see PNG through on NRR.

Over 49.3 – Gore pushes 1 into midwicket and they scamper through. Last chance for Canada.

Over 49.2 – pair of dots, including a large appeal for caught behind then a conference with the captain.

Over 49.0 – long break in play as Jacobs keeps shuffling the field. Zafar to bowl the last over.

Over 49.0 – USA 210/9. Jacobs shuffling his field but a push down the ground by Gore takes the USA within 2 of denying Canada ODI status.

Over 48.3 – attempted runout! Gore pushes into the covers and Davy Jacobs with a sharp bit of fielding throws it back as Gore is sent back by non-striker Kenjige. Appeal for obstructing the field but not given.

Over 48.0 – Heyliger back on.

Over 48.0 – USA 209/9. Ring field works for the rest of Zafar’s over as Kenjige is trapped. Dramatic finish here.

Over 47.1 – misfield! 3 conceded as Gore pushes out through backward point but the man fumbles it and the Americans race through. Whole field brought in to cut off singles now. Jacobs into silly point without a helmet! Tension everywhere. Man runs out after one ball with a helmet for him.

Over 47.0 – USA 206/9. Match slipping away for Canada? Kenjige and Gore both effective at guiding the ball into gaps at third man and down the ground. 6 more runs and Canada miss out on ODI status.

Over 46.1 – huge appeal! Canadian team pleading at the top of their voices as Kenjige fishes outside off but the umpire unmoved. Looking at the replay, the noise was bat hitting pad. Good decision.

Over 46.0 – USA 201/9. Number 11 Nosthush Kenjige blocks out the rest of the over, then collects 3! Paddle sweep over fine leg’s head chips crucial runs off Canada’s lead. Only 11 more and Canada are out.

Over 45.3 – wicket! Zafar continues and Khan fishes outside off at one that beats him off the pitch, turning away and bouncing sharply to collect the outside edge! Canada need 1 wicket with 14 runs left.

Over 44.5 – shambles! Eranga continues, new man Ali Khan (RHB) collects 3 off two misfields! Tension showing with some terrible fielding by Canada as Khan punches into off then a wild throw gives an overthrow and another wayward throw means they collect another extra after that. Gore concludes the over with a single punched to mid-off. USA 197/8 off 45.

Over 44.0 – USA 192/8. Tension building at Wanderers as Canada need 2 more wickets but only 19 runs left before they fall behind PNG on NRR.

Over 43.2 – Saad bin Zafar back on, wicket! Netravalkar attempts to club it through the offside and Davy Jacobs at short cover clings onto a sharp chance. Only 2 more wickets needed for Canada now, but only 19 runs to play with.

Over 42.6 wicket! Eranga continues. Jones attempts to guide him through third man but can only get an edge through to keeper Wijeyeratne! USA 191/7 off 43. Need 65 more runs to win, but Canada must bowl them out for 211 or less to progress on NRR.

Over 42.0 – USA 187/6. Pervez back on, and Canada looking for wickets here as they need to win by around 40 runs to reclaim ODI status. Men around the bat and cutting off singles to put pressure on the batsmen. Gore gets 4! Clips it beautifully off his pads through midwicket.

Over 41.0 – USA 180/6. New man Gore off the mark with a very nice drive timed beautifully out through covers for 4.

Over 40.4 – wicket! 2 from 2 and Canada back in this now! Erang on a hattrick as he pins Walsh directly in front. Umpire thinks long and hard about it, but finally gives it.

Over 40.3 – wicket! Silva attempts to repeat the dose but the shot not quite there and gets a bottom edge back into the stumps. Well well well.

Over 40.1 – boundary! Eranga drops a little short and Silva cracks it through midwicket.

Over 40.0 – USA 172/4. Run rate just nosing up above 8 now, with another tight over from Dutta. USA wouldn’t be too concerned just yet, with plenty of power hitting to come, but will need to get a move on soon with 84 off the last 10.

Over 39.0 – USA 167/4. Aaron Jones rocks back and cracks the returning Eranga through midwicket for a delightful boundary.

Over 37.4 – wicket! Malhotra gone to a soft dismissal, clips it in the air straight to the man at mid-on. Canada jubilant, but with PNG’s demolition of Oman across town, the Canadians need to restrict USA to under 212.

Over 37.1 – 50 to Malhotra! Knocks Dutta out to midwicket and they trundle through for a single.

Over 36.0 – USA 151/3. The Americans still ticking along with singles as Dutta and Zafar bowling tight lines. Canada hoping that they can keep things tight and build run rate pressure, but the US batting lineup is formidable.

Over 34.0 – USA 142/3. Canada still lacking penetration, despite Dutta coming back into the attack. Drinks.

Over 31.0 – USA 133/3. Dhaliwal’s medium pace just trundling through and Malhotra punches 4 through the offside.

Over 30.0 – USA 125/3. Americans still looking comfortable despite the wicket.

Over 28.3 – wicket! Runout and a hideous mixup sees Malhotra punch slightly in front of square towards cover-point and Taylor charges off for the run. Malhotra not interested and with both men at the the same end, Dhaliwal whips off the bails as Kumar picks up in the outfield.

Over 28.0 – USA 119/2. Zafar tidy otherwise.

Over 27.3 – six! Taylor steps forward and dumps Zafar high over long off. Powerful shot, rather than timing.

Over 27.0 – USA 110/2. Navneet Dhaliwal on, replacing Kumar, who’s back off the field again. Tame medium pace is tucked into by Taylor who whacks it crossbat through midwicket.

Over 26.0 – USA 103/2. Saad bin Zafar into the attack with his left-arm orthodox. Tidy over, but that won’t cut it.

Over 25.0 – USA 100/2. Dilon Heyliger still on, finds a little fizz off the pitch as Taylor miscues a pull shot, but the man is back so it lobs safely. 100 up for the Americans.

Over 24.0 USA 96/2. Nikhil Dutta back on the field and back into the attack. Immediately ties down the Americans, though no penetration yet.

Over 23.0 – USA 93/2. Match drifting from the Canadians here as Taylor and Malhotra finding the gaps with ease. Too many singles on offer

Over 20.0 – USA 81/2. Interesting decision from Davy Jacobs to give the gloves to Srimantha Wijeyeratne. Canadian skipper moves out to field in the covers. Also worth noting Nikhil Dutta is off the field with a potential injury as he fields one struck very hard back straight by Steven Taylor.

Over 17.0 – USA 68/2. The Americans cruising here, aside from a mixup that saw the runout of Monank Patel, with Taylor forcing through backward point but staying put as his partner charged up the pitch.

Over 11.0 – USA 41/1. Taylor looking a little better now, picking the gaps nicely.

Over 10.3 – boundary! Taylor leans forawrd and thumps a lofted drive high and handsome over mid-on for a one-bounce 4.

Over 10.0 – USA 35/1. Eranga gets excited with a half-shout as he raps Taylor on the pads, but obviously too high. Taylor looking pinned down here with some good lines and fielding to cut off the singles.

Emerging cricket back for the second innings. The Americans looking to rebuild after an early breakthrough to Eranga, who trapped the dangerous Xavier Marshall in front for LBW. USA 32/1 off 8.

Over 36.0 – 154/3. Canada looking effective as they use the pace of Ali Khan to collect singles.

Over 35.1 – Ali Khan back on. USA looking for a breakthrough.

Over 35.0 – Canada 147/3. Every run being cheered from the Canadian bench as they perhaps sense an opportunity to get one over the old enemy.

Over 34.0 – six! Dhaliwal down on one knee and clobbers Taylor over midwicket with a slog sweep. Takes a minute to retrieve the ball. Canada 142/3.

Over 31.3 – wicket! Kumar is clapped off by his team but looks very unhappy at leaving the job half-finished. Soft dismissal in the end as he just knocked it to Gore at cover to give Steven Taylor his first wicket of the match. Canada 131/3 now.

Apologies for the delay. I’ve jumped on the stream to join Lenny on comms, though unfortunately the stream is down.

Over 23.0 – Canada 90/2. Half-chance! Kumar drives to the man at cover who dives forward, but it doesn’t quite carry.

Over 22.0 – Canada 89/2. Gore tidy again, Canadians content to knock it through the infield in front of square.

Over 21.0 – Canada 85/2. Steady as she goes from Kumar and Dhaliwal, plenty of singles on offer and taken.

Over 20.0 – Canada 82/2. Gore still being milked down the ground. Canada looking solid as they continue to bat sensibly and accumulate.

Over 19.0 – Canada 77/2. Walsh continues, and misfield lets off some of the pressure he was building. Kumar forces out through backward point and the man on short fumbles, letting the Canadians hustle through for 2.

Over 18.0 – Canada 73/2. Gore continues and Dhaliwal dispenses with the helmet. Kumar keeps his and plays a lovely shot for just 2, classy-looking cover drive cut off by the sweeper on the rope.

Over 17.0 – Canada 70/2. Left-arm/right-arm finger spin now, with Hayden Walsh into the attack. Canada find him harder to get away, and the fielders look a but sharper Just 3 singles nurdled. Drinks break, and Navneet Dhaliwal is looking solid on 40* (44), while Nitish Kumar seems to be settling in for the anchor role on 24* (42).

Over 16.0 – Canada 67/2. Left-arm finger spin from both ends now as Karima Gore is introduced into the attack. Canada sensibly picking off easy singles down the ground and Xavier Marshall’s assessment is “too full, you keep bowling too full.”

Over 14.3 – boundary! Dhaliwal rocks back and crashes a pull shot over midwicket for a one-bounce 4. Kenjige losing his line slightly here. Canada 62/2 off 15.

Over 14.0 – Canada 57/2. Batsmen more circumspect for the rest of the over, nudging Silva around

Over 13.1 – boundary! Kumar frees the arms and thrashes a cut shot out, just clearing the diving man at gully.

Over 13.0 – Canada 51/2. Kenjige continues, nurdled around by the Canadians, including a deft guide through third man by Dhaliwal for 2 to bring up the 50.

Over 12.0 – Canada 46/2. Marshall offering Silva some advice from the boundary at long on: “Too wide Roy, too wide.” Hard to disagree as Dhaliwal pushes outside off for comfortable runs through the covers.

Over 11.0 – Canada 41/2. Kenjige concedes some more singles as the batsmen push it around in front of square.

Over 10.2 – chance! Kumar cuts, a little cramped for room and the ball lobs over the keeper. Dribbles down towards the rope for 3.

Over 10.0 – Canada 34/2. Headband-wearing Roy Silva’s medium pace is kept out. Keeper Malhotra does well taking some leaves up to the stumps. Dhaliwal collects 2 with a well-timed cut through cover-point.

Over 9.4 – boundary! Dhaliwal rocks back and flat-bats Silva straight for a one-bounce 4. Nice shot.

Over 8.0 – Canada 24/2. Dhaliwal negotiates the rest of the over and pushes a slower ball into midwicket for a single.

Over 7.3 – boundary! Dhaliwal frees the arms and swings hard across the line at a Khan shorter delivery. Doesn’t get hold of it, but Khan is fast enough that the top edge flies over thrid man and races away for 4.

Over 7.0 – Canada 15/2. Poor start here from the Canadians, with Ali Khan again the danger man. First he gets Thomas caught behind on a cut shot that wasn’t really there, then Wijeyeratne goes edging a drive off a wider sucker ball. Bobbles out of the hands of Taylor at second slip, but Marshall at first claims a sharp rebound.

And welcome to the Auty Cup grudge match! Canada desperately need a win here, preferably by a large margin. The USA are already through to the CWCL2 and ODI status, but that doesn’t mean they won’t be trying hard to beat their neighbours to the north.


  1. Right now, Canada look favourites for the fourth ODI slot with PNG again struggling badly and Hong Kong seemingly behind against Namibia. But things can change quickly as we all know (and Nepal showed us last time)!

  2. If I’m not mistaken, PNG can now overtake Canada on NRR even if Canada win. Can anyone confirm the margin of victory Canada needs to stay above PNG?

  3. Thanks for clarifying, Nick. 212 is what I calculated as well, but seeing that my calculations usually differ from those on PDP’s twitter feed, I wasn’t too sure.

  4. Quick Question. Where do these matches take place? In canada? In UAE? I am sorry if you mentioned this but I want to know.


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