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First innings complete here at Wanderers. Namibia will back themselves to defend this, but might be a little disappointed that they couldn’t push it above 250. A solid platform was built by the top order, but wickets just as they looked to push on combined with some strangulating spells by the Omani spinners kept them to a mediocre total.

Over 50.0 – Namibia 226/7. Cristi Viljoen closes out the innings with a boundary! Tucks it high off his hips down for a one-bounce four to backward square.

Over 49.4 – two sixes! Frylinck nails a pair of slog sweeps and they sail high over cow corner and into the Omani fans’ marquee.

Over 48.5 – six and out! Smit stands and thwacks it high over long-on, but then he miscues another slog and it flies out to third man. Excellent diving take by Aqib Ilyas to remove the danger man. Namibia 206/7 off 49.

Over 48.0 – Namibia 198/6. Khan continues, keeps his line tight. Some attempted swipes by Smit, but not connecting. Ball perhaps a little slow off the pitch and not coming onto the bat as nicely as it has here previously in the tournament.

Over 47.0 – Namibia 191/6. New man Cristi Viljoen thumps a boundary out through mid-off. Just past the man, pure power.

Over 46.1 – wicket! Comedy runout here as Smit knocks Fayazz Butt down to mid-on, Greens sets off, gets sent back, but freezes midway down the pitch before attempting to get back at last. Probably would have made it back if he hadn’t just stood there.

Over 45.3 – boundary! Smit leans into a wider one a cracks it through the covers. Smoke of the Namibian fans’ braai wafting over the ground as a lovely carnival atmosphere building. Namibia 183/5 off 46

Over 45.0 – Namibia 176/5. Green can’t time any more slogs throughout the over.

Over 44.2 – six! Green gets hold of Khawar Ali with a powerful slog over cow corner. Surely looking to accelerate now.

Over 44.0 – Namibia 167/5. Khan keeps his lines tight and runs come punched down the ground and pushed out through point. Green attempts a heave over cow corner but doesn’t time it and they only run 2.

Over 43.0 – Namibia 161/5. Green attempts several more reverse sweeps, but can’t get it right.

Over 42.1 – boundary! Green executes the reverse sweep down past a diving third man.

Over 42.0 – Namibia 153/5. Khan slashed away over third man by Smit for 4. Are they finally starting to launch?

Over 41.0 – Namibia 146/5. Green takes on Maqsood and unfurls the slog sweep for six!

Over 40.0 – Namibia 137/5. Bilal Khan back on, and despite the extra pace onto the bat, Namibia still circumspect.

Over 39.0 – Namibia 136/5. Still content to get their eyes in, several singles pushed out through cover and midwicket. Obviously Green and Smit backing themselves to make it up. Slight delay as the ground team come out with the paint can to redo the creases.

Over 38.0 – Namibia 130/5. Turning out to be a good bowling performance from the Omani spinners as Ali lands it tidily and delays the Namibian assault by another over.

Over 37.0 – Namibia 127/5. Maqsood hustles through a maiden. Good bowling as he keeps his lines tight and doesn’t give the hitters any room to clear their arms.

Over 36.0 – Namibia 127/5. New men in are JJ Smit and Zane Green, who put on a remarkable display of hitting in Namibia’s monster innings yesterday. Good option to get them in now and have 14 overs at the bowling.

Over 35.4 – wicket! Williams attempts to force a cut shot but can only chop onto his stumps.

Over 34.6 – wicket! Birkenstock furious with himself as he lobs a mistimed reverse sweep directly to the man at third man. No-one to blame but himself really, though. He’d played that shot a lot this innings with only mixed success. Low percentage shot. Namibia 124/4 off 35

Over 34.1 – boundary! Birkenstock punches with excellent timing out through point and a poor effort in the deep from Bilal Khan lets it through for 4. Typical fast bowler’s fielding.

Over 33.4 – boundary! Khawar Ali back on and Birkenstock nails the reverse paddle sweep down to fine leg. Namibia to 120/3 off 34.

Over 33.0 – Namibia 112/3. Maqsood continues. another tidy over and Namibia will look to push on soon or they might end up a few runs short. Plenty of power hitting to come, but Oman quite effective in running down the overs so far.

Over 31.1 – 50 up for Birkenstock! Sweeps out through square and they complete 2. Enthusiastic cheer goes around the Namibian fan contingent. Namibia push on to 110/3 off 32.

Over 30.0 – Namibia 104/3. New man Craig Williams (RHB) is a good player to have coming in at this moment, able to push it into the gaps and run quick singles, but also capable of power hitting.

Over 29.1 – wicket! Erasmus leans back and whacks a pull shot from a shorter one off Ilyas, but not quite short enough and doesn’t get all of it and the man at deep mid-off moves in a few metres from the rope and takes a good catch falling forward.

Over 29.0 – Namibia 101/2. Maqsood brings himself into the attack with left-arm orthodox. 100 up as Namibia push hard on their singles.

Over 28.0 – Namibia 97/2. Still Ilyas. Erasmus looking in good touch here, timing it very well. Presumably just laying a platforms for a major assault in the last 15 or so.

Over 26.3 – boundary! Erasmus rocks back against Ali and thumps a powerful pull shot over midwicket. Looked from side on like it landed over the rope, but umpire only signals 4.

Over 26.0 – Namibia 87/2. Ilyas again, Erasmus pinned down by some sharp fielding in the ring.

Over 25.0 – Namibia 85/2. Ali still on, more running between wickets, including 2 to a powerful sweep shot behind square by Birkenstock, Well stopped on the rope.

Over 24.0 – Namibia 80/2. Ilyas continues, half-chance of a runout! Birkenstock charges up the pitch as ERasmus punches one ointo off, but sent back by his captain. Oman don;t get the ball back in time and Birkenstock’s dive gets him home.

Over 23.0 – Namibia 76/2. New man Gerhard Erasmus (RHB) collects 3 as he cracks it out through midwicket but some good fielding on the rope denies the boundary.

Over 21.2 – wicket! Ilyas winkles out Kotze with a sharp caught-and-bowled. beaten through the air it prodded a little tamely and Ilyas did the rest. Namibia 71/2 off 22

Over 19.0 – Namibia 66/1. Khawar Ali’s floaty legspin into the attack. Namibia content to milk the singles through the gaps in front of square.

Over 18.0 – Namibia 62/1. Aqib Ilyas continues, pushed around through the gaps.

Over 17.0 – Namibia 57/1. Kotze not quite in the same ferocious mood as yesterday just yet but he does rock back against a Fayyaz Butt bumper and send a cracking pull shot for 4 to midwicket.

Over 14.0 – Namibia 43/1. JP Kotze the new man in (LHB) joins Birkenstock (LHB) at the crease. Aqib Ilyas on with his offbreaks. Milked for singles.

After a steady start, Namibia lose their first wicket! Baard gone for 13 after steering a tame catch to Sandeep Goud. Namibia 39/1 off 13.

Welcome to Oman’s very first ODI, and Namibia’s return to the format after a 16-year exile.


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