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Introducing #ECVoice

Since our website launch in April 2019 we have established ourselves as a leader in providing independent coverage of the news, numbers, insight and interviews from Associate cricket and beyond.

Powered by a dedicated group of volunteer contributors EC is bound by a passion for the growth of the game outside its traditional centres.

With so many amazing people around the world contacting us wanting to contribute their writing and creative skills, we have decided to formalise this process by announcing #ECVoice!  

What is #ECVoice?

Whether you are a budding writer, reporter, or video producer we would love to share you insight with the ever-expanding EC Community. As part of #ECVoice we will publish all content that meets our guidelines, whether it’s news, opinion, analysis, an interview, and more. If you have a story to tell, or something to say about the emerging cricket world – that is to say, any teams, issues or events that relate to the game beyond the Test nations, or broader issues that may be affecting the game’s growth (if you’ve got this far you should already be aware what we cover!) we want you to say it on emergingcricket.com.

How to submit your work

Please send your article – or download link to your video – to this address, including your preferred name, social links, and a profile photo (of you) that will be included on your author page. At this stage, we will review every submission when it comes in. You will receive a personal reply from the editor letting you know that your article or video has either been accepted for publishing or if not, some feedback as to why – and whether any changes can be made for it to meet submission standards. Everyone at Emerging Cricket volunteers their efforts. While some operational costs are recouped via our Patreon page and other revenue via ads and other contracts, we cannot provide any compensation for submissions, beyond our deep appreciation and the exposure we will provide to you and your work. We are always excited to speak to anyone who wants to join our group of regular contributors. If this is you, please let us know in your submission!

Your checklist:

Email this address with:

  • Your article /video link

  • Preferred name

  • Website/Social links

  • A profile photo (of you please)

  • Any further information regarding the content or if you would like to be considered as a regular EC contributor.

  • By submitting your work to us, you agree with all contributor guidelines provided below.

As always, if you have other skills beyond content creation and want to be part of the EC movement, please drop us an email too!


Contributor guidelines

We don’t want to stifle your creativity, but please remember to make your writing easy to read, and engaging! For all submissions:

  • If you are promoting a product or service, this is not the place to submit your ideas. Email us an example of your sponsored post and your fee for us to consider your offer.

  • Cite your sources, attribute quotes, and only link to other sites to provide critical references. Superfluous/spammy links will be removed by our editors.

  • Having an opinion on a topic is fine, but this must be backed with facts and insight. 

  • Word count should generally be between 350 – 1,000 words. We understand sometimes you may need more space to express your point of view, and we will consider this if the topic warrants it.

  • Short paragraphs are easier to read online. Use sub-headings.

  • The article must be well written, spellchecked, and formatted in UK English, and ready to publish. 

  • Images are not necessary but highly recommended. You must either have rights to publish the images or they must be in the public domain. (If you don’t have the images you want and would like us to try to insert some from our library/sources please make a note of this throughout your article by creating placeholders with a description of the photo required. We’ll help where we can.)

  • Your work must be original content that has not been previously published. It must pass copyscape. Re-spun or duplicate content (including of coverage already on our website) is not allowed – if you are adapting previous work please provide an explanation on this to assist our considerations.

  • Once published, emergingcricket.com and its owner/s retain copyright to the submitted content.

  • You may not republish the article on any other websites or social media other than excerpt/s promoting and/or linking to your article. Search engines hate duplicate content and it won’t help either of us.

  • We will promote your article on our site, on social media and on our mailing list. We ask you to please do the same!

  • Video submissions will be hosted on one or more of our social channels (or website/s) as deemed appropriate by us.

  • Your email address will be linked to your author/creator profile, and also added to our mailing list. You can opt-out at any time

  • You acknowledge that all submissions published reflect the opinions of you only at all times and not Emerging Cricket. Every published submission will carry this disclaimer.

  • Emerging Cricket retains the final right to decide what is published, and how long an article is retained on our website.