Game 6: PNG v HK WCL2 live blog

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ICC live scores | Cricinfo live scores PNG won the toss and bowled first.

PNG 223/7 (47.4) Tony Ura 87 (101) (POTM) Jason Kila 36* (42) Damien Ravu 2/35 (10) defeated Hong Kong 222/9 (50) Anshuman Rath 85 (98) Ahsan Abbasi 37 (55) Ehsan Khan 4/36 (10) Aizaz Khan 2/39 (10) by 3 wickets with 14 balls remaining.

Thanks for joining us from around the world for today’s live coverage. All sides now have a rest day tomorrow. Hong Kong will face Oman at Wanderers (which will be streamed by TV2 Africa, PNG takes on the USA at WAP – this will be streamed live by USA Cricket. Rounding out day three of matches will be the host up against winless Canada here at United CC. Look out for our round-up pod tonight and match reports coming.

48TH OVER: Two to win, three wickets in hand. Abbasi on for the first time to bowl his offies. Goes through Kila first ball – so close! Single off the second. Scores are tied. Dot to point. Single out to deep square PNG WIN.

47 Overs 221/7 – Kinchit continues. Single to deep square off the first. He comes over the wicket to the right hander and WICKET! Soper is caught behind! Two to win. Three dots.

46 OVERS 220/6 – Soper pulls Aizaz’s first for two – he then goes for an effort bouncer but is way over the head again; wide. Two more cut through extra cover. Seven to win for PNG. Dot. Dot. A full toss is then hit over midwicket for four. Only three for victory now

45 OVERS 211/6 – 5 off – Kinchit Shah back into the attack. “Come on the hattrick man!” is heard from the centre. Down to 3 an over now. Single to long on second ball then a finely swept two. 12 off 30

44 OVERS 206/6 – Aizaz comes back on with two left in his spell. 200 UP with a bunted pull that almost carried to deep square. FOUR! Kila smashes a cover drive along the ground that beats the sweeper Atkinson. Aizaz then goes for the bouncer and it’s too high – wide. 18 off 36 needed

43 OVERS 199/6 – BANG – FOUR! Coming around the wicket to Kila, Tanveer is pulled in front of square. He moves to 25 off 31. SO close to a run out at the bowlers end – Kila had backed up too much and if Shahid – sub-fielder for Ehsan Khan – had hit it was out. He followed up with a supreme diving save the ball after too. The final ball of the over is cut for four by Soper! PNG need 24 from 42 now. Hong Kong desperately needs a wicket here.

42 OVERS 190/6 – Single off Tanwir’s first ball. Then a cross-batted heave to mid off for a dot. SIX! Kila is making HK pay here. Tanwir is short of a length and the left-hander baseball swings it over the rope at mid wicket. 33 off 48.

41 OVERS 181/6 – After a wayward first spell, Tanveer Ahmed is back. Only square leg, fine leg, and third man are back. Now point goes back to Kila. Two play and misses. So close! Only one off. 42 off 54.

40 OVERS 180/6– Tanwir Afzal is back. Keeper up & will be looking for LBW/bowled here. Kila slices one just inside the diving gully for one. Afzal has really pulled his pace back here. A single through young Jhatha’s legs at cover. Everyone is very nervous. 43 off 60 needed.

39 OVERS 175/6 Kinchit on to bowl. Boundary! Kila hits Kinchit over mid off. The first PNG boundary since the 24th over.


38 OVERS 167/6 – Huge appeal for LBW…….not out. Then a No ball! The free hit only brings one. Aizaz ha2/23 from 8


37 OVERS 163/6 EHSAN KHAN BOWLS DORIGA THROUGH THE GATE!!!!! Left-handed Kila is then dropped at slip first ball. Shah dives in front of first slips and shells it! What a spell from Khan. Started poorly then came back to give HK a red hot show here. He finishes with 4/36 (10)

36 OVERS 162/5. ANOTHER ONE GOES! Siaka is caught behind just hanging his bat out to dry off Aizaz – who’s been close to HK’s best alongside Khan.

35 OVERS 160/4 WICKET!!! Charles Amini adjudged LBW playing back to Ehsan Khan. He’s not happy at all, and stays at the crease for a few seconds. Did he get an edge on it? Khan bowling a little quicker than normal but still getting good turn out there.


34 OVERS 156/3 DRINKS – Subramanyan not quite getting the purchase Ehsan Khan has been and is paying the price. Lage Siaka not afraid to go over the top.

33 OVERS 148/3 – Two more tight overs with the turning ball – Ehsan now has 2/33 from 8.

31 OVERS 143/3 – WICKET! URA GOES. Sensational catch from the skipper diving forward at backward point from Ehsan Khan. Ura had been really tied down since getting his 50. The ball is definitely turning out there – is the worm doing the same? Lega Siaka is the new bat.

This chase is shaping up very similar to HK’s yesterday who were also chasing 223 for victory. A flat wicket, up with the rate…slightly heavier outfield here. But it will take a real star performance from one of the HK bowlers here, or an epic collapse – not unusual for either side it must be said – to swing this HK’s way.

29 OVERS 131/2DROPPED! An edge from Amini goes the hands and legs of Avvasi close to the ground. Then a HUGE appeal with HK players running in to celebrate is given not out.

28 OVERS 129/2 – A good one from Jhatha there. Required rate 4.27 for PNG so no need to panic.

27 OVERS 126/2 – Subramanyan and Khan bowl tight overs. The new man is the left-handed Charles Amini

102 from 150 required!

25 OVERS 121/2 BREAKTHROUGH! Ehsan Khan gets Assad Vala caught behind – maybe a hint of turn there removing the PNG skipper.

24 OVERS 118/1 – Shah back into the attack replacing Subramanyan. A short ball is launched into the adjoining shrubberies. Roger the Shrubber throws it back.

23 OVERS 110/1tighter from Ehsan K there.

(After 22 overs, Hong Kong were 88/2)

22 OVERS 108/2 – two crisply hit shots that would’ve otherwise been boundaries are both gathered in for twos. Ura looking untroubled on this wicket that has not shown any signs of being anything other than flat, today.

21 OVERS 101/2 – Ehsan Khan replaces Tanveer Ahmed. HUNDRED UP with a single and a two.

20 OVERS 97/1 – Vala sweeps Subramanyan for four and three more singles from the over. Just cooled here slight and the breeze

19 OVERS 90/1 – Tanveer Ahmed has adjusted his line to Ura and it seems short of a length angling into the body has Ura does fall outside his hitting zone. He bowls a similar ball last delivery of the over – but this time to the left-handed Vala who sensationally hits it off the back foot for a one bounce four over mid off what a shot!

18 OVERS 82/1 – an eventful one from Subramanya; first he slides past the outside edge of the left-handed Vala and then has what sounded like a catch down the legside dropped. The resultant wide call indicates the Umpire did not think the noise was bat (or anything).

17 OVERS 77/1 DRINKS – more tight bowling from Aizaz he has 1/6 from 6. Ura is on 58* (55) and Vala has faced the one ball for no runs.

16 OVERS 75/1 – normal service resumes with Ura hard sweeping a leg spinner for four in front of square. The ball before saw a huge appeal for a catch down the legside – it would’ve been serendipitous for HK to have the key wicket the same way Anshuman was out earlier on, but it was not to be

15 OVERS 71/1 – WICKET! Aizaz gets one to climb on Bau and his attempted hook is feathered through to keeper McKechnie. Hong Kong needed that one. Skipper Assad Vala to the crease – who has been warming up on the ladders prior; seems raring to go.

14 OVERS 66/0 – Subramanyan on to bowl – four first ball just beyond a diving Hayat at long off for the catch. Next ball three from Ura’s late cut brings up his FIFTY from 39 balls!

13 OVERS 58/0 Another maiden – huge appeal on the last ball for caught behind. McKechnie is not a chappy camper with that being given not out.

12 OVERS 58/0 50 UP! –Ehsan Khan on to bowl – Ura get consecutive boundaries, first a cut then a sweep over the dual short backward square legs

11 OVERS 48/0 MAIDEN – better lines from Aizaz

10 OVERS 48/0 – Tanveer Ahmed onto bowl. Looking very flat out there – no demons evident

9 OVERS 45/0 – now PNG’s turn to for great running putting the HK fielders under pressure. Then Aizaz drops short and Ura laces a cut for four.

8 OVERS 39/0 – Ura rocks back to a Shah short ball and short arms it over mid off for six!

7 OVERS 32/0 – Aizaz onto bowl, replacing Tanwir. Starts with a wide down the legside

6 OVERS 27/0 – Another tight over from Shah – just the single from the last ball

5 OVERS 26/0 – Ura goes over cover but Aizaz reels it in – two runs. Then Bau goes over mid on and ball plugs. Rath gives chase but they run four

4 OVERS 18/0 ANOTHER MAIDEN FROM SHAH – two huge shouts on Bau sweeping but neither upheld. Kinchit keeping Bau rooted to the crease and looking hesitant

3 OVERS 18/0 – Bau edges Tanwir between keeper and slip. The diving right hand of Abbasi maybe got to it but hard to tell. Keeper now up to Ura / back to Bau.

2 OVERS 14/0 MAIDEN – Kinchit Shah starts accurately against Sese Bau – six dots and a large LBW shout.

1 OVER 14/0 WHACK! Tony Ura goes big over mid on third ball for six! Then over mid off last ball. WOW.

Welcome back to Trustco United Sports Club under (mainly) sunshine after some showers during Hong Kong’s innings. No play was lost. Tanwir Afzal has the new ball and the PNG openers are Tony Ura & Sese Bau.


50TH OVER: Single off the first – Tanwir on strike plays and misses second ball and two from the third WICKET! Afzal is caught at Long on. Two balls to go – Jhatha on strike. One from Subramanyan – inside edge trickles out to square leg. Legbye off the last. 222 the score. Same as what Canda got against HK yesterday over at WAP – but with the lush outfied out here it would be 240-250 I would say. Join us after the break where PNG needs 223 to get off the mark at WCL2

49 OVERS 217/8 – Wicket! Ehsan Khan is caught at long on from Pokana off the first ball and Subramanya struggled to get off strike in the later stages of the over

48 OVERS 214/7 – Tanwir slams the first ball over extra cover for four and the next behind square on the legside for a boundary too. Revu closes out the over nicely though with only two more singles

47 OVERS 204/7 – Pokana back on. A huge slog sweep from Ehsan Khan comes back down from orbit and is b by the man on the far side. The ball trickles for four – it was first signalled six

46 OVERS 198/7 – just working the ball around. Doesn’t appear to be too many demons in this wicket so HK really needs to up the ante here for the final 24 deliveries

45 OVERS 194/7 WICKET! McKechnie is caught at backward point after a short ball from Ravu ballooned off the shoulder of the bat.

44 OVERS 192/6 WICKET! AIZAZ CAUGHT AT LONG ON. Tanwir then plays out the over. Wide outside off the only run.

43 OVERS 191/5 – Tanwir off the strike down to third man. Aizaz pull/hooks into the ground to mid wicket for two. Better cricket here as they rotate the strike. Mid off is still up.

42 OVERS 185/5 – late cut for two then a slog sweep just over the circle fielder for one to Tanwir. Rank long hop from Amini that Aizaz dispatches over backward square for SIX!

41 OVERS 176/5 – Tanwir still very watchful

40 OVERS – 174/5 WICKET! BABAR IS OUT LBW TO AMINI’S LEG SPIN. Looked to be slipping down leg from our vantage point at long off, but that’s cricket. Now it’s incumbent on HK not to fall in a heap here after a great start from the top order. Aizaz is off the mark with a drive down the ground

39 OVERS 173/4 – Watchful from Afzal here for his few balls. These two could let off some fireworks here….an uppercut carries one bounce to the right of third man..


36 OVERS 166/3 – Babar Hayat launched the first ball of the over wayyyyy over mid-on and out of the ground. He would be close to being the most potent Associate player in this situation – and as we saw in the GlobalT20 in Canda he can do it among FM players too.

35 OVERS 159/3 – Abbasi helps one off his hip for four behind square

34 OVERS 155/3 WICKET! RATH IS OUT. CAUGHT DOWN THE LEG SIDE!! 85 from 98. Superb innings from the skipper. Again. One ball earlier he’d taken a Pokana ball on the up over cover for four. Babar Hayat strides to the crease with a great platform laid for him. What can he do here? Rath and Abbasi put on 72.

33 OVERS 151/2 Another hard run two to fine leg showing Rath’s fitness here.

32 OVERS 147/2 – Left arm quick Pokana back into the attack – can he find the breakthrough for PNG? Second ball strikes Abbasi on the gloves off a length.

31 OVERS 143/2 – innings rapidly getting away from PNG here. Will need an inpired spell here to pull HK back

30 OVERS 140/2 – full bunger from Kila Rath hits for four one bounce to mid-wicket moves to 74 from 88 with a single. Abbasi ricks back to a short one and pulls it over the rope. The partnership now 57 at a run a ball. Abbasi 29* (33)

28 OVERS 129/2 – the singles are flowing freely. HK just need to up their boundary rate here – just as coach Simon Cook mentioned post-game yesterday.

26 OVERS 117/2 – 11 OFF – Abbasi hit two boundaries of the new left arm spin of Kila

25 OVERS 106/2 – 100 UP! Then Rath hits a 4 iron-like sweep shot for SIX! Rath 61* 73 Abbasi 10* (15)

24 OVERS 98/2 – another uncharacteristic fumble costs PNG another run. My count has 8 misfields costing 8 runs (and 1-2 wickets)

23 OVERS 95/1 – Abbasi smashes a pull shot for four off Reva

21 OVERS 85/2 WICKET! SHAH OUT FOR 20 CAUGHT AT LONG ON. Trying to get it over the head of the man but ends up a simple catch. PNG has been rather flat by their standards out there – let’s see if this wicket jolts them back to life. Wicket for the skipper. Slip comes in for Abbasi who edges to Bau’s right hand and either spills the diving chance or it didn’t carry. Abbasi a slow starter so a key period here.

20 OVERS 83/1 – Reva Bowling. Anshy ends the over on 48*

19 OVERS 81/1 Rath lofts a pull shot that goes over the man out the (Bau) who is 20m in from the rope. He goes back 10m next ball and the pair take advantage by running a close two

16 OVERS DRINKS 66/1 – the singles keep coming from both as they continue to rotate the strike nicely. Now the sun pokes through the rain.

14 OVERS 61/1 Soper continues… almost a runout as Kinchit is sent back as he turned for two off a Rath square drive – the throw fortuitously hit a bump on the way in and Doriga doesn’t take the rising return cleanly. Over the stumps and Shah was really struggling. Shah then plays an attempted pull that float over the keepers’ head. Shah needs to keep his head here – as the rain starts getting a little heavier.

13 OVERS 54/1 – Ravu over the wicket to both in improving dull light – a square drive seems to get to the point man Bau on the full very low down but it goes through his hands and behind him where HK sneak two.

12 OVERS 52/1 – the rain starts and Rath takes a nasty blow to the bottom hand – as assistance comes onto the field. The ball reared up off a regular length to catch the skipper on his left hand. Play continues in light drizzle and Rath shakes that hand after every shot

11 OVERS 49/1 – Shah takes advantage of one overpitched on middle stump and puts it over mid on for SIX!

10 OVERS 41/1 – Soper continues, as the clouds gather and the light dims..

9 OVERS 39/1 – Charles Amini with an amazing pick-up and turn and thrown racing back from cover to hit from side-on Shah was just back (huge appeal) for two at the non-striker’s end. Rath then edges wide of the skipper in slip for two fine of third man

8 OVERS 35/1 – Soper onto bowl – wide first ball. Shah leans back on one that almost carries the extra cover rope.

7 OVERS 30/1 – Ravu comes on to bowl right arm over. Produces a front edge from Rath that goes safely along the ground and then plays a straight drive for two off the final ball – again…four elsewhere (you get the idea now, though…)

6 OVERS 26/1 – another Rath cover drive for four – this one almost slows up but beats the chasers. Then an on drive for 2 which would be four on most grounds.

4 OVERS 18/1 – 10 off! Pokana switches ends – left arm over – two wides to start. The second one, again outside the off-line to Rath bounces twice on its way to Doriga. Then Rath laces consecutive fours; first an imperious square drive then a cover drive still bouncing over the bumpy outfield as it raced over the rope.

3 OVERS 8/1 – WICKET! ATKINSON OUT C&B to Bau – Bowling change already – Sese Bau on offspin over HUGE SHOUT FOR LBW on Haha first ball. NOT OUT. Maybe an inside edge

2 OVERS 5/0 – Assad Vala to open with his off-spin. Atkinson creams a drive down the ground – it pulls up an the long on circling around fumbles – will be a tough day for fielders on a lush bumpy outfield.

1 OVER – 2/0 – Atkinson on strike to Pokana – watchful early. Plays a sweet flick wide of mid on and the ball pulls up like Carl Lewis. They scamper through for two but HK will have to be watchful running against this fielding unit of PNG. The thrown in struck a diving Rath who is ok.

PNG won the toss and will field first – the sun just starting to poke its head through here at Trustco United. Norman Vanua out for PNG.



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