Game 4: Namibia v USA WCL2 live blog

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ICC Live Scores:

Namibia 248/10 (49.4)

USA 250/6 (50)

USA win by 2 runs

Namibia won the toss and elected to field

Netravalkar wins the game for USA with a run out off the third-last ball of the innings to win by 2 runs! An unbelievable game, which we are now so used to seeing in WCL action.

USA wins! Birkenstock pushes a mistimed drive too straight and Netravalkar grabs it, pings it back into the stumps as they attempt the single. Groenewald the man run out!

Home crowd at Wanderers cheering like mad as Birkenstock drives to cover – they pinch a single, Taylor misses a direct hit, they run an overthrow and Walsh’s throw from the deep looks close but umpire Polosak says not out. 3 off 3 now

Zhivago muffs a scoop shot, falling over as it dribbles into tmidwicket but man back means a single! 5 off 4.

1 to Birkenstock driven to cover. 6 off 5 now. Groenwald on strike.

7 off 7 now as Ali Khan takes America’s 8th! This is going down to the final over! Stop press! Ali Khan has three in three balls! The man trusted at the death has come up huge for his side here at Wanderers. Frylinck and Scholtz in consective balls as he miscues a drive to Steven Taylor. 9 down into the last over with 7 to win off 6 balls.

Ali Khan strikes! The Trump card with a huge blow to Namibia’s hopes! 14 from 11! Birkenstock enters

Smit and Viljoen firm to blunt Ali Khan. 20 off 18 needed. Tension building.

16:41 – JJ Smit this time with touch on the backward cut for four! Great batting. Required run rate a run a ball or thereabouts.

16:40 – JJ Smit can hit! And can hit BIG! After his five-wicket haul he puts Taylor over the fence with an unbelievable drive. 214/5 needing 37 from 33 balls.

16:36 – Spin of Taylor is entrusted by Netravalkar. 44 to win from 36 balls. Even money you feel.

16:35 – Out! Williams even with all his experience slices his cover drive out to depart! Williams lambasts himself, smashing his pad with his bat. Namibia 205/5 needing 46 from 38 balls.

16:31 – Namibian crowd knowing how tense this is are now cheering every run! A mis-field from Steven Taylor also gifts the Namibians a run at cover.

16:30 – Netravalkar chopping and changing with his bowlers, giving the ball to Gore for over 44. 50 required from the last 7 overs for Namibia.

16:20 – All is set for a tense finish with a tick over 7 an over needed in the last 8 overs. The knowledgeable crowd spurring the home side on after dome good running to score two on Aaron Jones arm. Another clever two follows and the home fans show their appreciation 200/4 (32.5)

16:00 Bredenkamp follows Erasmus to the sheds! Waiting on this to pull over square leg, Ali Khan makes unbelievable ground to take a precious catch for the Americans. 170/4 (39)

15:55 – Erasmus gone! Netravalkar removes his opposing captain! Down the track and perhaps seeing him come down, Netravalkar adjusts and takes the pace off the ball. Miscues to the mid off fielder. Namibia 156/3 into the 36th over.

15:50 – Namibia’s reply is only strengthening with every ball with yorkers from Ali Khan met by two immovable objects in the pair out there. USA starting to run out of questions to ask. 154/2 (35) chasing 251 #WCL2 #NAMvUSA

15:40 – A game changing over? Ali Khan not only pasted for a six, a no ball leads to some free runs and helps Jean Bredenkamp reach his fifty in what has been a super innings. Namibia 153/2 in the 34th over.

15:37 – Ali Khan brought back on to stop the bleeding but it is met with contempt! A six over mid wicket off the first ball of the over from Bredenkamp!

15:35 – Partnership reaches 130 and it’s been basically chance-less. Cool under pressure, the pair of Erasmus and Bredenkamp have manipulated the field with good footwork and stroke play. Namibia 149/2 in the 33rd over.

15:20 – Erasmus has been a class above with bat in hand, typified by a gorgeous standing sweep to loft over backward square, knowing the fielder was up on the circle. Namibia 127/2 (30) chasing 251.

15:00 – Gerhard Erasmus leading from the front with Bredenkamp well and truly adding quality in the middle order. Both have done well to negotiate the spin attack which looks to have settled in. 85/2 Namibia building nicely.

14:19 – Bredenkamp now looking to move things and does so beautifully with a backward cut over the top for four! 28/2 (9th over)

14:10 – Namibian pair of Erasmus and Bredenkamp looking to weather the storm of Ali Khan who has been complimented by the spin of Karima Gore who comes in today. Again Bredenkamp forced to adjust to the pace and bounce of Ali Khan 14/2 (7)

14:00 – USA has six wickets so far the tournament and Ali Khan has all six! Stephen Baard finding the man in the deep (Monank Patel). Namibia 8/2 (5)

13:48 – Wow, a huge moment for Namibia as JP Kotze is dismissed LBW! Huge conjecture on the decision with the ball looking to be well down the leg side both to the naked eye and the streamed coverage. Huge moment for both sides.

Welcome back to our live WCL2 coverage here at the Wanderers, where the Namibians have been set 251 for victory.

13:05 – USA finish on a round 250/6 at Wanderers with Jones unbeaten on 103 from 124 balls. Tim Patel run out on the last attempting to run a bye. See you in 45 minutes for the Namibian chase!

13:03 – Tim Patel gets a huge cheer from his own team on the boundary, with a dinger over long off. Middled and hitting the sightscreen. One ball left in the innings.

13:00 – JJ Smit with a five-fa! Netravalkar holes out to his opposing captain. USA 243/6 in the last over!

12:58 – Aaron Jones has a century for the United States! He punches the air in delight before lifting his bat, with his helmet sat on the top of his handle in celebration! Lifting USA with his bat! USA 242/4 (48)

12:54 – Malhotra goes soon after, albeit looking to swing at everything. He struck two fours down the ground before an outside edge carrying to Frylinck in the deep. JJ Smit with four. USA 234/5 (48)

12:50 – Walsh Jr departs! A front foot slog ends in a top edge that finds Bernard Scholtz running back. JJ Smit has three and has been the pick of the bowlers. USA 225/4 (47.3)

12:45 – Another issue for Namibia is the over rate, with three overs left and theoretically three minutes to meet the ICC time frame.

12:38 – four for Hayden Walsh Jr and FIFTY up with a magnificent on-drive to bring it up. Hits another boundary on the next ball, beating two fielders through cover. 100 run partnership up.

12:35 – 250 for the Americans still not out of the question, one short of 200 as we move to the last 5 overs.

12:30 – Walsh Jr on the pull dissects the two leg-side fielders in the deep. Partnership approaching 100 now.

12:25 – Aaron Jones with one of the best shots THAT I HAVE EVER SEEN! Frylinck’s delivery looked a decent length but down the track Jones came down and put this one towards our accommodation up the road! Unbelievable sound off the bat. Walsh the ball before was dropped by Viljoen, with his partner punishing the mistake!

12:20 – Namibia content on giving singles even with players back on the circle. 7 overs to go for the US to post a score of 230 and beyond.

12:10 – SIX!!! WALSH GOES BIG! Down the track to Groenewald and a bulleted on drive in towards his own camp on the boundary. Super shot and a signal of intent.

12:05 – Final ten overs to come here at the Wanderers, with the USA setting a nice platform 156 runs on the board and seven wickets still in the sheds.

12:00 – Bernard Scholtz finishes with figures of 0/26 from his ten overs, definitely fulfilling his role of keeping things tight in the middle overs. USA ready to attack with 7 wickets in hand.

11:50 – Drinks here at Wanderers and the USA are the happier as their pair take on some fluids. Aaron Jones brought up his fifty (USA’s first of the tournament), and finish the session on 137/3 from 35 overs

11:20 – A surprising decision from Erasmus to bring JJ Smit back into the attack as Groenewald takes a rest. The left arm looked classy in his early spell.

11:15 – Walsh Junior enters the fray and looks comfy early, strong on his off drives. Frylinck bending his back here toiling away with another maiden. USA 101/3 (25)

11:08 – OUT! Steven Taylor’s slog sweep into the deep is taken by Stephen Baard wheeling to his left. Namibian fans in the stand with us showing their appreciation with a huge cheer! 3/98 into the 25th over. Groenewald the man to give captain Erasmus the vital breakthrough.

11:05 – Jan Frylinck returning to replace Scholtz as USA approach 100. 24th over.

11:00 – Taylor sweeps Scholtz who slides down the leg side. Moves the team score into the 90s. 93/2 (21.2)

10:55 – Namibia have been electric in the field with some classy stops on the boundary saving two boundaries.

10:50 – Taylor definitely more expansive today and shown in his play. Looking to perhaps target Williams he drives over cover, mistiming it for two as it squeezes out to deep cover. USA 84/2 (19)

10:46 – A streaky cut shot from Taylor is too much for the first slip fielder. Scholtz tight early as USA move to 79/2 (18).

10:40 – Drinks here at Wanderers with the Namibians slowing the run rate a little towards the back end of the session. USA with the upper hand early. 77/2 (17)

10:35 – Some light rain here at Wanderers/Affies though the sun peeps through the clouds. Taylor with some running repairs, replacing his blade out there. USA 72/2 (15.2)

10:33 – Taylor slashes Williams outside the off-stump, with the drive edged and over to third man for a single. Taylor and Jones more expansive today, perhaps a sign that the wicket is flatter than the one at Wanderers. USA 69/2

10:30 – First use of spin at Wanderers with Scholtz employed by captain Erasmus with just two off his first over. USA 66/2 from 14 overs.

10:26 – A much quicker outfield for the USA today, and a better wicket to bat on too as USA look increasingly comfortable. Aaron Jones pull shot off Craig Williams falls short of a man in the deep. USA 64/2 (13)

10:20 – Both openers end their spells, with Frylinck ending on 0/21 with JJ Smit taking 2/22 from his 5 overs. USA 62/2 (12)

10:00 – JJ Smit has a real head of steam up with good pace and carry. Frylinck at the other end starting to grow into his spell.

9:52 – JJ has two! After straying down the leg side the ball before, Smit finds another edge with Monank on the drive. Viljoen with a waist high catch to have USA 23/2

9:40 – JJ Smit strikes! Marshall knicks off with the natural angle and Kotze with an easy catch!

9:30 – JJ Smit to open the bowling here in Windhoek, and looking firey with his left armers.

9:00 – Hello and welcome to our live blog of Namibia v USA here at the Wanderers in Windhoek. Namibia have won the toss and elected to bowl.


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