Game 5: Canada v Oman WCL2 live blog

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Over 43.2 – Canada all out 185! Nadeem puts us out of our misery as he rearranges Eranga’s stumps to claim the last wicket. Very disappointing loss for Canada here. Oman simply too good.

Over 43.0 – Canada 183/9. Bilal Khan continues and picks up another wicket, beating Pervez for pace and collecting an LBW as the ball thudded into his pads.

Over 41.0 – Canada 175/8. Hearing the tension of Namibia’s nailbiter against USA next door really highlights how dull this finish is. Seriously, if you’re still here, do yourself a favour and switch over to Namibia vs. USA (livestream is up too).

Over 40.0 – Canada 174/8. First attacking shot for a long time as Patel slaps a Bilal Khan bouncer away through backward point.

Over 39.0 – Canada 166/8. Pervez joins Patel in the onfield net session.

Over 38.2 – wicket! Fayyaz back into the attack and sends Dutta’s stumps cartwheeling as he plays all around a drive. Excellent delivery, better than this meandering finish deserves really.

Over 37.0 – Canada 165/7. Nadeem still charging in, and still being knocked about into the gaps. Oman seem happy to let this fizzle out and collect the two points, but I’m not sure what Canada are playing at. Trying to reduce their NRR deficit, I suppose, but if they need to win some games for NRR to be relevant.

Over 36.0 – Canada 159/7. Khawar Ali will be happy to give up singles as Patel and Zafar continue to audition for Test status with their defensive batting.

Over 35.0 – Canada 154/7. Nadeem continues and Canada continue to go through the motions. Look thoroughly beaten already.

Over 34.0 – Canada 153/7. Khawar Ali back on with his floating leggies for Oman. Game petering out here as the Canadians seem to have given up. Just knocking him about for singles.

Over 33.0 – Canada 151/7. Wicket maiden for Nadeem as Patel is unable to pierce the field on either the off or leg sides.

Over 32.1 – wicket! The procession continues for Canada as Zafar swings a hook shot high but not long enough off Nadeem. Man runs around to take a comfortable catch at backward square.

Over 32.0 – Canada 151/6. Zafar collects 2 with a miscued drive over the bowler’s head; couldn’t execute but the aggressive intention is right.

Over 31.0 – Canada 147/6. Nadeem’s next over is successfully negotiatedby Patel and new man Saad bin Zafar (LHB), but Canada have lost their two set batsmen at exactly the wrong moment. They need to be accelerating now not rebuilding.

Over 30.0 – Canada 146/6. New man Hiral Patel (RHB) is stranded as Goud claims another wicket. Adhihetty gone as he guides a paddle shot straight into the hands of the man at backward square.

Over 28.3 – wicket! Muhammad Nadeem into the attack, Jacobs out, and with him goesmost of Canada’s hopes. Soft dismissal in the end as he fishes outside off and gifts keeper Suraj a regulation catch.

Over 27.0 – Canada 135/4. Jacobs gets another life this over as he is beaten for pace and top edges Bilal behind square. The man is in short however, so the pace helps Jacobs escape by carrying it away from his hands.

Over 26.0 – Canada 130/4. Jacobs pushes Goud nicely through the covers for 2, then gives him a very tough caught and bowled chance! Goud can’t hold onto a Jacobs drive punched hard at him. Adhihetty looking unflappable here too, very tight technique.

Over 25.0 – Canada 124/4. Khan back on as Oman look to finish off the match. Adhihetty and Jacobs up to the task as they use his pace to manipulate runs through the gaps.

Over 24.0 – Canada 117/4. Jacobs and Adhihetty rebuilding here, nudging into gaps and taking advantage of Oman’s fielding (which has historically been a weakness for them).

Over 23.0 – Canada 113/4. Fayyaz continues and Bhavindu looks very assured against the pace – guiding an exquisitely-timed nudge past third man to the rope.

Over 22.0 – Canada 104/4. Jacobs and Adhihetty negotiate the rest of the over. This pair are really the last hope for Canada now.

Over 21.3 – wicket! The medium pace of Sandeep Goud introduced, and Kumar hasn’t adjusted to the slower pace – through a pull shot too quickly and lobs it tamely to mid-on. Big wicket and Oman know it as he trudges back for 57. New man is the right-handed Davy Jacobs, and he has lots to do here.

Over 21.0 – Canada 101/3. Team century up as Nitish uses the pace to guide runs down to third man and Bhavindu looks comfortable pulling a bouncer. Fayyaz grunts with the last delivery and sends a sizzling bouncer past Kumar’s face.

Over 20.0 – Canada 97/3. Khawar Ali continues, and his floaty legspin is swept away imperiously by Adhihetty for 4 to the boundary at square. Kumar then brings up his 50 by swinging a half-tracker round the corner. Good effort so far but Canada will need him to go on to a century.

Over 19.0 – Canada 87/3. Left-handed Bhavindu Adhihetty the new man in. Him and Nitish Kumar have a lot to do. Crucial passage of play here.

Over 18.2 – wicket! Fayyaz switches ends and thuds a yorker low into the pad of Wijeyeratne. Umpire thinks about it for a moment then raises the finger. Canada 86/3 now.

Over 17.0 – Canada 76/2. Maqsood fizzes one past the wafting edge of Kumar, then the Canadians wisely decide to milk the easy runs to the men at deep mid-on and mid-off. Drinks taken.

Over 16.0 – Canada 73/2. Still some juice in the pitch as Fayyaz sends a bouncer sizzling past Wijeyeratne’s nose. Slides wide next ball, and Wijey sends a slashing cut shot racing to the rope at backward-point.

Over 15.0 – Canada 67/2. Maqsood bunted through midwicket for a pair of singles. Canada helped for one of them by some sloppy fielding. Then Kumar steps forward and lofts a very nice drive over the infield to the rope at cover.

Over 14.0 – Canada 61/2. Fayyaz Butt replaces Kaleemullah. Another over of springy right-arm pace, and the batsmen are able to use his speed and bounce to flick runs off their hips. Wijeyeratne then stands tall and punches a nice-looking 2 through covers off the back foot.

Over 13.0 – Canada 56/2. Srimantha Wijeyeratne (RHB) the new man in, and survives a strong LBW shout as the ball thuds into his pad. What a game Maqsood is having.

Over 12.4 – wicket! Dhaliwal bowled by Maqsood! Turns a little into the right-hander and beats him through the air as he leans forward with bat outstretched but the ball slides past it.

Over 12.0 – Canada 56/1. Another zippy over from Kaleemullah. Strays onto Kumar’s pads and concedes 3 to a lovely flick through midwicket. Dhaliwal

Over 11.3 – Kaleemullah down. Stops a well-hit drive from Dhaliwal on the return with his ankle and the medic is on the field with his magic spray. That sure looked like it stung. Canadian batsmen take advantage to get in a drink and a change of gloves. Big man back on his feet now.

Over 10.0 – Canada 48/1. Big swing, no ding! Dhaliwal aiming for the hills visible over the fence at square. Doesn’t connect as Kaleemullah is too fast, but that would have ended up in Walvis Bay if he’d got hold of it.

Over 8.0 – Canada 46/1. Kaleemullah still steaming in, extracts some fizzing bounce and sears one into the gloves of Dhaliwal. Batsmen scurry through for a single, then Kumar uses the pace to send the ball to the rope.

Over 7.0 – Canada 39/1. Captain Maqsood brings himself on to bowl some left-arm orthodox, but Kumar and Dhaliwal have their eyes in – both swing him across the line to the ropes.

Over 6.0 – Canada 30/1. Bright start from the Canadians as they put Gunesekara’s first over dismissal by Bilal Khan (caught behind off a top-edged pull shot) behind them. Both Nitish Kumar and Navneet Dhaliwal bat right-handed, and both have been peppering the boundaries. The pace of Kaleemullah and Bilal Khan is coming off the bat nicely

Apologies again for the delay. Wifi problems have been a recurring theme at WCL2 so far but we’re back and watching Canada take the game to the Omanis.

That concludes the innings. Oman in the box seat at the halfway stage with a powerful century by captain Zeeshan Maqsood (109), with able support from Aqib Ilyas (86). Their partnership propelled Oman to an imposing 285/7 after Canada let the game slip away in the middle overs with some listless fielding and uninspired bowling. Stiff chase for the Canadians coming up.

Over 50.0 – Oman 285/7. A good final over in the end from Eranga as he belatedly found his line to jam it in full and wide.

Over 49.3 – wicket! Maqsood goes for 109 on the slog. Unselfish batting as he tried to hit out towards 300 – swiped it straightish off Eranga and the man at long-off takes a comfortable catch.

Over 49.0 – Oman 284/6. A tightish over from Pervez marred by a powerful strike back over his head as Maqsood launches it straight into the scoreboard for 6.

Over 48.0 – wicket! Oman 272/6. Khurram goes upping the run rate – chops Eranga away through square for 4, then heaves him over the rope for 6 before ending the over by skying another slog. Fielders converge at short point but Eranga himself camps under it to finally get the wicket.

Over 47.3 – hundred up for Maqsood! Eranga flings it in from around the wicket and Maqsood steps forward with an assured push through the covers for 1. Kisses the ground, then salutes the travelling Omani fans

Over 47.0 – Oman 259/5. Pervez getting wayward, with 2 wides outside off as he tries to squeeze the ball outside Khurram’s hitting zone.

Over 46.3 – six! Oman’s 250 up as new man Khurram Nawaz swings into Pervez and launches it over midwicket. Sails over the rope and crashes into the roof of the grandstand.

Over 46.0 – Oman 245/5. Wayward over all told from Eranga as he concedes several extras including multiple byes, a wide and a no-ball. Manages to land a fizzing yorker which shows what he’s capable of.

Over 45.3 – six! Left-armer Romesh Eranga is back on, drops short and Maqsood swivels into a lovely pull shot that sails over cow corner and lands on the roof of the groundskeeper’s shed. Moves to 91 with that perfectly-timed hit.

Over 45.0 – Oman 231/5. Better over from Pervez, as he keeps his lines tight and the fielders hustle round. Just singles available.

Over 44.0 – Oman 226/5. Batsmen swap from caps to helmets as Kumar concludes his over and Pervez returns to the attack.

Over 43.2 – wicket! After slapping a boundary through backward-point, Suraj looks to keep the tempo up as he launches Nitish Kumar with a slog sweep. Mistimes it slightly and it sails directly into the waiting hands of the man on the boundary at square.

Over 43.0 – Oman 217/4. Dhaliwal continues and is flipped away to fine leg by a deft paddle/flick shot by Suraj. Attempts to repeat the dose but can’t line it up. Concludes the over by muscling it to cover for 1.

Over 42.0 – Oman 210/4. Nitish Kumar back on. Couple of loud LBW appeals turned down as he darts it into the pads of Maqsood, then runs aplenty. First an underedge on the sweep beats Jacobs and runs away for 4, then a powerful slog by new man Suraj Kumar sails over midwicket and onto the grassy bank.

Over 41.0 – Oman 198/4. Navneet narrowly misses out on another wicket as Maqsood hoicks him high and square. The man running around on the rope can’t quite reach with outstretched hands and it goes for 4.

Over 40.0 – Oman 190/4. “I can feel a collapse here boys” chirps Hiral Patel from the deep as the over changes. Canada certainly hoping for that as they chip away at Oman’s platform.

Over 39.3 – wicket! “Gunner” Gunesekara removes new man Sandeep Goud with a sharp caught-and-bowled as he looked to drive it straight. Suddenly the Canadians have found their voice.

Over 39.0 – Oman 188/3. Canada will need a few more breakthroughs now if they’re to derail the Oman innings and restrict them to a chaseable total.

Over 38.5 – wicket! Ilyas clapped off the field for 86 (100) after he slices a wider one from Dhaliwal high to the man at deep cover-point. Comfortable catch on the rope.

Over 38.3 – medic! Ilyas pulls up lame from the quick single that followed the six. We’re told it’s a cramp, and after an emergency massage he plays on.

Over 38.2 – six! Dhaliwal continues and Maqsood pumps it high and long back over his head. Crashes into the advertising hoardings at long-on.

Over 38.0 – Oman 180/2. Gunesekara almost has revenge! Last ball of the over, Ilyas reaches forward and mistimes a wristy drive. It floats out towards wideish mid-on but the man can’t hold on after a bobbling attempt.

Over 37.2 – six! Gunesekara on with some gentle right-arm medium masquerading as legspin. Ilyas gets hold of a loose half-volley and carves a slashing drive over extra-cover. Oman contingent see it fly over the rope and loudly inform the umpire.

Over 37.0 – Oman 169/2. After an eventful start to the over, Dhaliwal finds his line and keeps it tight for the last 3 balls.

Over 36.3 – lost ball! Maqsood steps back into his crease and guides a shorter one from Dhaliwal elegantly through the backward-point region. Ball runs away to the rope and into the groundskeeper’s shed where it takes a few minutes to retrieve it from amongst the clutter.

Over 36.2 – medic on the field! Navneet Dhaliwal back on with his right-arm medium pace and Maqsood gets low looking to swipe a pull shot. Clatters into his helmet and gets a precautionary examination. Can’t be too careful with headshots. Assessed to be fine and carries on.

Over 36.0 – Oman 162/2. Another cloud drizzles over Affies Park as Zafar continues. Hands on head and Davy Jacobs not happy with himself as a quicker one thuds off the pads for 4 leg byes. Drinks taken.

Over 35.0 – Oman 157/2. Ilyas steps forwards and dispatches Pervez for a disdainful boundary, pumping him back over his head to the rope with one bounce.

Over 34.0 – Oman 152/2. Saad bin Zafar returns with his left-arm orthodox. Draws an edge from Maqsood, but it flies wide of the keeper. Maqsood brings up his 50 off 56 balls as third man fumbles it and the batsmen steal 3. Very sloppy fielding that.

Over 33.0 – Oman 146/2. Cecil Pervez back on with his right-arm medium pace and Maqsood looks to enjoy it – swivels into a shorter ball and helps it to sail over the rope into the practice nets for an emphatic 6 runs.

Over 32.0 – Oman 138/2. Rather more sedate over as Dutta is harder to get away. Ilyas (66 off 81) and Maqsood (42 off 51) look well set to propel Oman to an imposing total here.

Over 31.0 – Oman 135/2. Ilyas launches! Steps forwards down the track and thumps Kumar over extra cover for 6.

Over 30.0 – Oman 125/2. Maqsood looking to accelerate here as he slogs a sweep to the rope at square (a top edge that lands safely), then slams him emphatically through mid-on.

Over 29.0 – Oman 116/2. Maqsood slaps Kumar away through backward point to disrupt an otherwise good over.

Over 28.0 – Oman 112/2. Oman just playing out Dutta here. Miserly as always with a teasing line, the Omanis haven’t been able to get under him at all.

Over 27.0 – Oman 111/2. Still cruising here as singles abound. Kumar draws the first bit of excitement for a while as he beats the bat of Ilyas with a quicker one.

Over 25.0 – Oman 104/2. Hundred up for Oman who look comfortable after early wickets. Nitish Kumar into the attack, and has a long conference with Davy Jacobs, but whatever it is they’re plotting, it doesn’t work out, as Oman continue to pick off singles in the many gaps.

Over 24.0 – Oman 99/2. Dutta is again tight, but ominous signs for Canada, who lacked penetration against Hong Kong yesterday and again don’t look like making inroads. Chat has almost entirely died out and fielders look a bit listless.

Over 23.0 – Oman 96/2. Patel continues to a spread field; Canada perhaps letting this game slip away from them as Maqsood and Ilyas are able to rotate singles comfortably. Maqsood finishes the over with a boundary, flipping a sweep shot uppishly through square.

Over 22.0 – Oman 89/2. Dutta and his sharp fielders squeeze the Omanis for the rest of the over.

Over 21.1 – boundary! Dutta with hands on head as Ilyas leans forward and edges a drive through the vacant slips region.

Over 21.0 – Oman 84/2. Hiral Patel into the attack with his left-arm orthodox. Drops a bit short and Zeeshan Maqsood tucks in, cutting him twice to the rope, once in front of point and once behind.

Over 18.0 – Oman 70/2. Romesh Eranga back into the attack and his left-arm seamers are on target, cramping captain Zeeshan Maqsood for room, then Dutta’s offspin continues to be hard to get away. Drinks taken.

Over 16.0 – Oman 64/2. Another tidy over from Dutta’s offspin and a little rain blowing over the ground now; umpires convene but decide to play on. Sun already shining through the clouds so hopefully it passes quickly.

Over 14.6 – wicket! Saad bin Zafar strikes! Slides a left-armer past the bat of Kawar Ali who is forward and prodding, but not forward enough. Rapped directly in front of the stumps and the umpire sends him packing. Oman 62/2

10:00 Sorry for the late start, delayed due to technical problems but we’re here now and ready to go. Oman batting cautiously, with Aqib Ilyas and Kawar Ali reaching 24/1 off 8 overs. This was after Romesh Eranga castled Jatinder Singh for just 1 in the 4th over.


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