Game 2: Canada v Hong Kong WCL2 live blog

Hong Kong 223/3 (47.2) defeated Canada 222/8 (50)

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ICC Scores:


47th over 217/1 – as Rath smashes a cover drive over the infield almost carrying the whole way then goes again and carries the rope off the last ball.


45 OVERS 200/2 – Anshy almost runs himself out on 98 at the bowler’s end – a direct hit OR is the bowler was over the stumps from the sweeper’s throw he was in trouble.

44 OVERS 193/2 – Rath moves to 98*

43 OVERS 189/2 – Supreme lofted extra cover drive form Abbasi gets Hong Kong four runs closer.

42 OVERS 181/2 – good over from Saad.

41 OVERS 180/2 – Canada still with the field out – just picking off singles

39 OVERS 170/2 – ALMOST A RUN OUT! Rath is half way down and turns around to come back and make his ground but Pervez down at 45 runs over the ball. Screams of anguish from across the field.

38 OVERS 167/2 – Hong Kong need 56 from 72 deliveries

37 OVERS 162/2 – Anshy rocks back to a short ball from Patel and eases it over straight mid-wicket for four. DRINKS

35 OVERS 137/1 – Both batters looking very comfortable now and now need 70 from 15 overs.

34 OVERS 152/2 – UP! Anshy & Ashan working the ball around nicely

32 OVERS 140/2 – WICKET! KINCHIT OUT CAUGHT AND BOWLED DUTTA 27 (36). Abbasi on debut comes to the crease.

30 OVERS 134/1 – SIX! Anshy launches Dhaliwal back over his head for six.

26 OVERS 112/1 – Kinchi very watchful to Dutta who is hitting a good length with his “Bhaji” offies.

25 OVERS 110/2 – The fit-looking Shah opens his boundary account with a crap extra cover drive over the infield beating the square sweeper.

23 OVERS 100/1 – 50 TO RATH FROM 78 brought up with a typically strong run two from the skipper

22 OVERS 95/1 – consolidating two overs from HK as Kinchit Shah works his way into the game with the bat. SOme well-timed singles and the odd ball just holding up

20 OVERS 90/1 WICKET! – ATKINSON OUT LBW TO DUTTA FOR 35 (50). Dutta with a Harbajan-like bowling style seemed to cath Atkinson on the knee roll. Not happy at all with the decision. Kinchit Shah to the crease.

19 OVERS 87/0 – change of bowling. Dhaliwal comes on to bowl right arm meds. Tight lines – each batter works a single. AND DRINKS!

18 OVERS 85/0 – more great running and still the occasional ball from the spinners going straighter on and hitting Rath on the pads. There have been a few hearty appeals.

16 OVERS 76/0 – change of bowling Nitesh Kumar on to bowl off spin around to Atkinson

15 OVERS 74/0 – two overs of working it around four men out to the spinner so Rath and Atkinson continue to hit their targets and run hard.

13 OVERS 67/0 – Rath can be heard saying “two, two, two” to Atkinson but that cover drive has raced beyond the sweeper on the fence.

12 OVERS 57/0 – Heyligers back on after just one from Hiran Patel

11 OVERS 54/0 – good running again from Rath/Atkinson. 50 up during that over

10 OVERS 49/0 – bowling change – Hiral Patel into the attack – more left arm spin. Rath quick single to mid off first ball. Good cricket here from HK.

9 OVERS 47/0 SIX! Atkinson hits a long hop off his hip for a flat six over backward square.

8 OVERS 40/0 – Rath creams a square drive off Pervez; it’s over the rope before point even turns around. Atkinson 15* (23) 19* (25)

7 OVERS 35/0 – over Bin Zafar from around the wicket gets one to come back inside Rath’s drive but it misses the stumps. Just one off

6 OVERS 33/0 (score pending) – Pervez continues. Atkinson works a climbing delivery down to third man then Anshy glide a ball fine of the man on the circle behind square for a boundary

5 OVERS 26/0 – BOWLING CHANGE Saad Zafar on to bowl left-arm spin. SIX! Atkinson comes down the wicket and dispatches Zafar’s flighted delivery our of Wanderers Affies Park!

4 OVERS 20/0 – Some good running from Rath putting Heyligers under pressure at fine leg forces the fumble and a safer second run. Otherwise looking very watchful.

3 OVERS – 16/0 Rath drills an extra cover drive into the ground and over the fielders head for a boundary. Heyligers generated some good pace – especially from just short of a good length.

2 OVERS – 12/0 Rath – sporting his Emerging Cricket bat sticker – is off the mark off his first ball then Atkinson collects a pair of boundaries, the first a fortuitous inside edge past the keeper then an imperious cover drive of the final ball

1 OVER – 3/0 – Atkinson goes to leave the first ball and the bottom edge luckily goes out to square leg. Then the players all have a quick lie down as a swarm of bees went over the field. Atkinson already being very aggressive but missed his attempted cut and then drive. Heyligers then gets one to go past the edge as Jamie plays back. Good lift there. Two runs from two wides down the leg side


50th OVER. 2WDs 1 1 1 then W W W! HATTRICK TO KINCHIT. Zafar caught plumb in front trying to heave one across the line, Heyliget is stumped by a neat piece of work then Dutta is caught in the deep trying to slog-sweep the last ball for six. Shah finishes with 4/32 from 9

49 OVERS 217/5. AND 50 UP FOR JACOBS – WITH A SIX! Jacobs going after Tanveer here. First another inside edge for four, a boundary just metres away from six wide of Atkinson the cover boundary then a top-edged pull/hook for six to bring up his half-century.

48 OVERS 200/5 200 UP! – a boundary off Shah’s first – late cut by Zafar. Jacobs has got himself to 33 (45) without too much fuss.

47 OVERS 193/5 A lot of short stuff there from Tanveer with two mistimed hooks from Saad Bi Zafar – almost caught by the returning Atkinson in the deep. Inside edge goes past the stumps for a boundary.

46 OVERS 185/5.Shah with another tight over – six off.

45 OVERS 179/5. Ball being worked around nicely but no boundaries.

44 OVERS 173/4. Kinchit Shah with another tight over. He has 1/15 from 6

WICKET! 165/5. 42.1 Just after Ehsan Kan finished his spell with 1/31 from his 10, Aizaz draws the front edge from Adhihetty. McKechnie made great ground to circle at short fine leg and took a great catch. He goes for 33 (50)

DRINKS – 137/4 Kinchit Shah forgets to come up from long off and is the fifth man out of the circlet for a No ball on what would’ve been the last ball of the over. Adhihetty then slog sweeps a four of Jhatha’s last ball.

34th Over. Davie Jacobs enters the fray. 19 year-old Subramanyan then drops a floaty sitter at short fine leg off Ehsan Khan.HK will be hoping Adhihetty doesn’t go on with it.. #WCL2 #CANvHK

WICKET! Subramanyan gets his first! Nitish Kumar, teammate of Nizakat Khan at the Toronto Nationals in the Global T20 is bowled by Subramanyan for his first HK. A fuller ball seemed to stay a little low. Kumar played around the legspinner and it knocked off stump out of the ground. 120/4 32.1

30 overs gone. 107/3. Hong Kong really tightening the screws here with some tight bowling from Tanveer Ahmed and Ehsan Khan not giving any loose balls. Number five Adhihetty squeezes a neat drive between point and gully for four bring a change in the field as Subramanyan goes out to sweep at point.

WICKET! A ball after the Dhaliwal brought the hundred up with a cross-batted shot for four over mid on – who is *still* up in the 27th over. Next ball is caught and bowled by Tanveer (corrected from caught behind originally – unsighted) to the ground for 44 (86). Two new batters at the crease. 101/3 from 27

WICKET! 89/2 23.4 Ehsan Kahan comes on and strikes straight away. Wijeyeratne goes to work it on the leg side and loses his middle stump

83/1 from 22. Tanveer Ahmed comes into the attack in the 23rd for the first time. Nudged his brother Ehsan Nawaz from the XI today. Mid on is up and Dhaliwal goes over that fielder second ball for a boundary

Drinks 69/1 from 19. One six and one four off Subramanyan but otherwise fairly slow going

8th over – Aizaz comes into the attack and starts with a no ball! Free hit. Only one off. Dhaiwal plays a loose swing across the line but the ball misses everything.

6 OVERS – 22/0 Wijeyeratne hits two boundaries of Afzal – one a classic straight drive and the next – perhaps a better shot – a back foot push that rocketed past cover

5 OVERS (MAIDEN) Huge shout for LBW in the fifth on number three Wijeyeratne hitting him low down

4 OVERS – Two holding overs from Afal and Shah. Batters very watchful after the early wicket.

WICKET! 7/1 Kinchit Shah get one to hold up a touch with his off-spin opening from the northern end and dismisses Gunasekara caught and bowled.

ONE OVER – 5/0. Despite getting one to pop off a length and past the bat of Gunasekara, Tanwir Afzal drops short and is pulled for four.

Jhatha Subramanyan and Ahsan Abassi to make their debuts for HK.

Anshuman Rath (c)
Jamie Atkinson
Kinchit Shah
Ahsan Abbasi
Babar Hayat
Tanwir Afzal
Aizaz Khan
Scott McKechnie
Ehsan Khan
Jhatha Subramanyan
Tanverr Ahmed

Canada XI

Ruvindu Gunasekara
Navneet Dhaliwal
Nitish Kumar
Srimantha Wijeyeratne
Bhavindu Adhihetty
Davie Jacobs
Hiral Patel (c/wk)
Saad Zafar
Nikhil Dutta
Dilon Hyliger
Cecil Pervez



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