Jersey joins the European Cricket League for 2022

ECL Jersey

The Jersey Cricket Board (JCB) has become the latest federation to sign an agreement with the European Cricket Network to bring the Jèrrais domestic champions to the European Cricket League (ECL) from 2022.

In an announcement on, ECL founder Dan Weston said: “Jersey has the most loyal and energetic travelling supporters I know in European cricket. So, the ECL signifies another sumptuous treat for cricket fans from the island to follow their Champion club as they showcase their talents on the big stage,”

“I wish Jersey the very best of luck and I believe they can rise to the occasion of being ‘Giant Killers’ in the scheme of European club cricket when their chance arises.”

ECL Jersey

Craig Meredith, CEO of the Jersey Cricket Board, said: “The Jersey Cricket Board is delighted to enter into a partnership with the ECL which will considerably boost the ongoing development process of cricket in Jersey. Joining the ECL represents another opportunity for all our local cricketers to showcase their talents on the World Stage. Daniel Weston’s drive and ambition has to be recognised as the key driving force behind this exciting initiative.”

Jersey are a Crown Dependency of the United Kingdom and are independent member of the ICC. The national team made waves in 2019 at the T20 World Cup Qualifier, beating ODI nations Oman and the UAE. However, they were eliminated from the competition on net run rate. They are expected to field a competitive side at ECL ’22.

The JCB becomes the 24th federation to join the European Cricket League. This follows closely after the announcement that the ECL would grow to 30 teams from 29 nations in 2022.

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