Rwanda to lead East Africa’s return

Rwanda Kigali

In the wake of the global pandemic which put a halt to most sports activities all over the world, Rwanda are set to be the first East African nation to see cricket activities return.

It is only this last week that international cricket was able to return in England, and that was under some very strict guidelines.

Vanuatu, one of the few countries that were not affected by the pandemic, had some domestic cricket competitions, which was followed by some competitions in Europe.

On the African continent, the return to competitive cricket will start in South Africa with the “3TC” (three team cricket) game scheduled for July 18, and Zambia’s T10 event, with the backing of Bet Barter, concludes this weekend.

In East Africa, Rwanda is going to be the first country to call a return to cricket – though not competitive cricket for now – as clubs have been allowed to start training under strict guidelines. Cricket returns with other sports such as boxing and badminton, after activities such as golf, motorsport and cycling had already recommenced.

Cricket is a growing game in Rwanda and a return to the sport should be welcome news for the fraternity.

Rwanda Cricket Association came up with guidelines that were approved by the Ministry of Health. Some of the guidelines that will need to be adhered to include:

  1. All players are required to arrive at training facilities using their own means private or otherwise, teams will not be allowed to share transport to training facilities.
  2. There will be mandatory temperature testing for all players at the training facilities and anyone found to have a temperature over 38 degrees will not be allowed access to the facility.
  3. Players are strongly advised not to share equipment while at practice. If not practical the players and clubs are advised that all equipment is sanitized before and after practice.
  4. Only three bowlers are allowed per net during practice.
  5. Batsmen will knock back balls to bowlers in the nets.
  6. Coaches will use baseball mitt and gloves during net sessions.
  7. All prayers have to carry their own drinks to training sessions.
  8. Players are required to keep a distance of at least two meters during sessions.

These measures are the first steps towards a full return to competitive cricket in Rwanda and if the first guidelines are observed to the detail it won’t be long before the ball is travelling.

The beauty of Rwanda is that the population are known for their law-abiding nature so it is fair to assume that these guidelines will be adopted smoothly.

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