EC World Cup of Jerseys: Group H

32 of the best jerseys in Associate Cricket to compete in a public vote.

By Tom Grunshaw and Daniel Beswick

We move to the final group of the World Cup of Jerseys, and two knockout spots are left for the taking!

In a brutal Group G, the Kenya 1999 World Cup shirt stormed away, with the shirt (or jersey) from Jersey took second place across the Facebook Group and the Twitter page.

Group H is just another set of four worthy of being in the conversation as the tournament ‘Group of Death.’

In the other groups run and done, Tanzania and Nepal progressed to the knockout stages from Group A, Vanuatu and Scotland 1999 progressed in Group B, while the Pink of Bermuda stormed home and Rwanda scraped enough votes across Twitter and Facebook to squeeze through Group C. Group D was domination by the Dutch, with both the current kit and the 1996 World Cup shirt running away from the field to advance over Ireland 2007 and Fiji’s U19 World Cup effort of 2016. Germany ran away with Group E topping both the Facebook and Twitter polls, with PNG’s Early 2010s kit overcoming a perhaps more-fancied Afghanistan 2015 effort. Group F saw the current Namibian kit run away in first, with St. Helena causing a huge upset, beating out Singapore by the barest of margins (a single vote!) across Facebook and Twitter polls.

Note: Jerseys are the current kits used by both men’s and women’s teams unless stated.

Group H



Red and yellow. Two colours that don’t normally go but my word, Uganda pull it off. A mix of all the tones on their national flag, there’s no mistaking who the Cranes are as they walk out onto the ground. Let’s hope we see some more Challenge League action and yellow kits blessing our streams in months to come.

Japan 2019 U19 World Cup – Pink

Japan at the U19 World Cup earlier this year (ICC Media Zone)

“If you had one shot, or one opportunity…”

Look, Japan probably wasn’t thinking of Eminem when putting together their design for this year’s Under 19 World Cup kit, but it must be said they made the most of the chance of being showcased on a global stage.

Both their blue and reverse pink kits are worth throwing up, each gorgeous in their own right.

Hopefully the continued development means more Japanese national team action on our screens.



The dragon on the bottom left would be enough to include the Bhutan shirt by itself but the gradual tone of their two national colours is the kicker in a killer cricket kit. Joining the Dutch as one of few teams to play in orange, their national team is slowly on the rise despite playing in a competitive region.

Thailand Women’s T20 World Cup 2020

ICC Media Zone

Through all the tumult of 2020, Thailand’s story at the T20 Women’s World Cup will forever be an inspirational story. And they looked good in the process! Another mix of the risky combination that is red and blue, the blend to the red at the top brought a unique flavour to the tournament inundated with Full Members.

EC World Cup of Jerseys Format and How to Vote

This is Group H in our World Cup, with two advancing from each group to the round of 16, where kits will then go head-to-head to crown a winner. Kits from the same nation must be drawn together and polls will be done via Twitter and Facebook.

Make sure you are a member of our Facebook Group and follow our Twitter pages to maximise your voting power when we post out the polls!

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The Emerging Cricket World Cup of Jerseys Draw^

Group AGroup BGroup CGroup D
TanzaniaScotland 1999 WCBermudaFiji U19 WC 2018
China (Women)Scotland 2015 WCMexicoIreland 2007 WC
OmanVanuatuQatarNetherlands 1996 WC
NepalNigeria (Yellow)RwandaNetherlands
Group EGroup FGroup GGroup H
Afghanistan 2015NamibiaArgentinaUganda
GermanyNamibia 2003 WCKenya 1999 WCJapan U19 WC Pink
Papua New Guinea Early 2010sSt. HelenaJerseyBhutan
South KoreaSingaporeMalaysiaThailand Women’s T20 WC 2020

^ Teams in bold progressed through their groups

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