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Well, that wraps up proceedings. Canada bowled out for 160, handing a comfortable 98-run victory to Namibia. Thank you to everyone following along and congratulations to Namibia. Canada have a lot to work on in their remaining 2 matches, though with such a big NRR deficit they may well be out regardless of the results.

Over 42.1 – wicket! Scholtz pushes it past the bat of Eranga and traps him directly in front. Umpire doesn’t hesitate to judge him LBW.

Over 41.0 – Canada 155/9. Erasmus back on and thinks he has proceedings wrapped up as Eranga wafts at one outside off. Umpire not convinced there was an edge and Gerhard can’t believe it as Eranga stands his ground.

Over 40.0 – Canada 150/9. Comedy near-runout as Heyliger skies an attempted hook shot into no-man’s land at shortish backward square and the keeper runs after it. They run one as it hangs in the air and then pinch a second as Green flings a wild throw at the unguarded stumps.

Over 38.3 – two boundaries! Heyliger taking a liking to the left-armers as Scholtz replaces Groenewald and Dilon muscles a pair of slogs over midwicket for one-bounces 4s. Bisects the field effectively. Canada finishes the over on 148/9 off 39.

Over 37.0 – Canada 136/9. Heyliger punches out a single then Eranga blocks out the rest of the over. Drinks break.

Over 36.1 – six! Heyliger down on one knee as he strides forward and clubs a powerful slog sweep over midwicket. Says everything about the match situation that it barely draws a sounds form the Canadian tent as the ball sails over the rope.

Over 36.0 – Canada 129/9. Scholtz back on and is frankly outclassing Heyliger (RHB) and Eranga (LHB).

Over 34.6 – wicket! Another to Zhivago, who pushes through a quicker one and Zafar plays around a flick shot. Thuds into the pads and umpire pulls the trigger. LBW and Canada slump to 128/9.

Over 34.0 – Canada 125/8. Tight runout denied as Zafar pushes straight and calls new man Heyliger through for sharp single. Direct hit from Frylinck chasing his own bowling but umpire not convinced. Very close and the Namibians looked convinced.

Over 32.4 – wicket! Zhivago has just what the Dr. ordered as he gets the new man Dutta (RHB) almost immediately. Tries to turn him into the leg side from in front of the stumps, but doesn’t make contact and the ball thuds into his pads for an LBW. Procession continuing for Canada who are 123/8 off 33 overs.

Over 31.1 – wicket! Frylinck strikes again! Jacobs gone to another great piece of fielding – square drive in the air, and the catching man at short-cover intercepts the shot with a great double-handed reflex grab. At the end of the over, Canada 119/7 off 32.

Over 31.0 – Canada 117/6. Groenewald tidy again, new man in is Saad bin Zafar (LHB).

Over 29.4 – wicket! Frylinck back into the attack and Hiral Patel is out to the dismissal that has plagued him for a decade across his time with Canada – slashing to backward point. Catching practice really. Canada 112/6 after 30 overs.

Over 29.0 – Canada 109/5. Groenewald hustles through another.

Over 28.0 – Canada 106/5. Match unspooling with spinners hustling through their overs. Another tidy over from Scholtz.

Over 27.0 – Canada 103/5. Very subdued applause from the Canadian tent as Patel flips Groenewald out into leg and they trundle through for 1.

Over 26.0 – Canada 99/5. Good running from the Canadians as they hustle between wickets and push it into gaps.

Over 25.0 – Canada 94/5. Jacobs plays the first attacking shot since Thomas was dismissed, swiping Groenewald with a sweep out to midwicket. Man on the rope does well to cut if off for just 2.

Over 24.0 – Canada 91/5. Scholtz into the attack and ties the Canadians down with his tight lines as always.

Over 23.0 – Canada 89/5. Groenewald tidy again, with Jacobs and Patel content to push it around for singles.

Over 22.0 – Canada 84/5. Hiral Patel and Davy Jacobs (both RHB) the new men. Lot of work for them to do here.

Over 21.1 – wicket! Double strike and Canada really in the hole now. Namibia continue their good fielding effort today with Adhihetty gone to a sharp chance at short cover. Drives low off Erasmus and the man has to dive forward and to his right.

Over 20.6 – wicket! Groenewald removes Kumar with one that cramps him up for room and he chops on, attempting to force it off the back foot. Canada in trouble at 80/4.

Over 20.0 – Canada 74/3. Erasmus continues. Canadians rebuilding. Namibians sharp in the field, as the man at mid-off does well to cut off a strong punch down the ground by Adhihetty.

Over 19.0 – Canada 71/3. Another tidy over, this time from Zhivago Groenewald (who probably has the best name in this WCL2). Left-arm orthodox again.

Over 18.0 – Canada 68/3. Erasmus twice down on his knees begging for an LBW as Adhihetty struggles to time his sweep shot. Umpire not interested in his theatrics.

Over 17.0 – Canada 65/3. Kumar and Adhihetty handling Scholtz very well here. Running hard between wickets, and moving forward and back in the crease to create space for themselves. Drinks taken.

Over 16.0 – Canada 60/3. Erasmus emboldened by his success, keeps himself on and starts tossing it up a touch, looking to entice new man Adhihetty (LHB). Up to the task so far with a good stride forward to block.

Over 14.2 – wicket! Scholtz deceives Wijeyeratne and he fails to punch across the line. Death rattle rings out and the support men run on with drinks for the Namibians whilst celebrating. Namibia 58/3 at the end of the over.

Over 14.0 – Canada 57/2. Srimantha Wijeyeratne (RHB) is the new man, and immediately off the mark as he pushes 2 into the covers.

Over 13.3 – wicket! Erasmus strikes! He dismisses the danger man Thomas with a sharp, low catch diving forward. Thomas looked to force it past to mid-off, but was beaten through the air and through the shot too quickly.

Over 13.0 – Canada 53/1. Bernard Scholtz on to bowl his left-arm orthodox. Big cheer from the Canada tent as the 50 comes up with Thomas flipping him out through square leg.

Over 12.0 – Canada 48/1. Skipper Erasmus brings himself on with his offbreaks. Draws a false shot from Kumar, who is beaten through the air, but the edge dribbles away to point and they scamper a single.

Over 11.0 – Canada 44/1. Thomas looking ominous for Canada. A powerful clean striker, Namibia will be keen to remove him before he causes too much damage.

Over 10.3 – six! Thomas unleashes again, leaning forward and driving Viljoen high and long back over his head.

Over 10.0 – Canada 35/1. Nitish Kumar (RHB) the new man in, and immediately looks comfortable as he punches nicely straight to get off the mark.

Over 9.1 – wicket! Dhaliwal wafts outside off against Frylinck keeper Green completes a regulation catch.

Over 9.0 – Canada 33/0. Viljoen into the attack and two boundaries from Thomas! First, biffs him back over his head and into the sightscreen, then punches very nicely off the back foot through cover-point.

Over 8.0 – Canada 25/0. Dropped catch! Thomas cuts powerfully to Baard at short point, but it’s all he can do to get his hands up to protect his face. Very tough chance.

Over 7.0 – Canada 22/0. Smit cuts Thomas in half with a sharp seamer, but no edge or flying stumps… just oohs and aahs.

Over 6.0 – Canada 19/0. Frylinck not happy as Dhaliwal flashes (and flashes hard), getting an edge past the keeper to the fence.

Over 5.0 – Canada 15/0. Left-armers Frylinck and Smit bowling tidily, but less juice in the pitch means they’re not getting the same fizz as they were at Wanderers. Navneet Dhaliwal (RHB) and Rodrigo Thomas (LHB) are up to the task so far.

Coverage delayed. Canada 6/0 off 2 overs. Wifi issues strike again so please bear with us!

Match state: lunch. Lunch state: Fish and salad. 6/10.

Over 50.0 – six then 4! Viljoen takes them past 250 with a lusty strike over midwicket, then finishes the innings in style by getting down on one knee swinging Heyliger out through square to the rope. Namibia finish on 258/6.

Over 49.0 – Namibia 242/6. Viljoen new man in to try and hit them up past 250.

Over 48.4 – wicket! Smit slashes at one outside off but doesn’t get all of it. Sails high and long to cover-point and Kumar takes a comfortable catch a few paces in from the rope.

Over 48.2 – six! Smit again! Eranga drops a little short and JJ clears his arms and cracks another glorious swing over midwicket.

Over 48.0 – Namibia 232/5. Finally the accelerator has been engaged.

Over 47.4 – boundary! Williams get down low and sweeps Dhaliwal behind square for another 4.

Over 47.2 – six! Smit can hit! Swings hard into a length delivery from Dhaliwal (what is he doing bowling the death overs?!) and it sails over cow corner and out of the ground. Absolutely massive that.

Over 47.0 – Namibia 217/5. Williams gets away with one as he miscues a drive out into the covers and it lobs high but drops just short. Smit muscles six! Thrashes at a wider one and gets just enough for it to carry over the man on the rope at cover-point.

Over 46.0 – Namibia 207/5. Team 200 up to the biggest cheer all day. Still running hard to the men on the rope, off a series of well-timed drives and punches. Would probably want more runs though.

Over 45.0 – Namibia 199/5. Clever batting from the Africans – unable to clear the boundary they run hard to collects 1s and 2s from the men back on the rope. Good bowling from Heyliger too as he squeezes his yorkers in wide.

Over 44.0 – Namibia 189/5. Bad time to lose a wicket just as they were looking to kick on and push to an imposing total

Over 43.1 – wicket! Dutta removes Baard with a quicker one that slide past an attempted cross-bat punch. Bowled for 90 and he’s clapped off by the home crowd. New man is JJ Smit, who can certainly clear the ropes.

Over 43.0 – Namibia 188/4. This is the acceleration Namibia have been lacking.

Over 42.3 – Williams going hard as he collects 4, then 6! Punches a lovely back foot cover drive then stands and delivers to send Heyliger sailing over the rope at midwicket with a crackling pull shot. Glorious sound off the willow rings out around United as he middles that into next week.

Over 42.0 – Namibia 171/4. Dutta still accurate and with a spread field there are no obvious hitting options. Will need to start hitting soon though.

Over 41.0 – Namibia 169/4. Williams punches nicely through cover and collects 2, then flicks him off his pads. Baard drives straight for a single. Oddly circumspect for such a deep batting lineup with only 9 overs left.

Over 40.0 – Namibia 164/4. Dutta still going, and doing his best to choke off momentum. Slightly streaky runs conceded as Baard looks to flip it round the corner but an edge dribbles away. Good bowling through the air from Dutta.

Over 39.0 – Namibia 161/4. Namibians seem to enjoy the ball coming onto the bat more here, using the pace to knock it around the field after Baard’s 4.

Over 38.2 – boundary! Baard steps back to a shorter one from the returning Heyliger and gives it the short arm jab over midwicket. Good shot for 4.

Over 38.0 Namibia 151/4. Dutta still on and Namibia still knocking him back to long-on and long-off for runs. Drinks on the field.

Over 37.0 – Namibia 147/4. Williams effective at finding the gaps as well as the rope. Threads the needle between two men behind point, then tip-and-runs into the covers past the catching man.

Over 36.0 – Namibia 142/4. Williams looking to up the tempo here it seems. With these two at the crease Namibia probably looking for something in the range of 235 here.

Over 35.1 – boundary! Williams in the cap pulls out another sweep to send Dutta racing away for 4 behind square.

Over 35.0 – Namibia 136/4. Baard knocks Zafar into cover-point for 1, then Williams punches into the vacant covers to collect 2, then hits a sweep for 4, then guides 2 more through backward point.

Over 35.4 – boundary! Williams leans forward and knocks Zafar behind square with a well-timed sweep shot.

Over 34.0 – Namibia 127/4. Dutta pushed into the gaps again, despite the energetic efforts of Canada to cut the singles off.

Over 33.0 – Namibia 123/4. “One more wicket, one more wicket!” the cry here as the Canadian fielders find their voices. Doesn’t happen this over, but Zafar hustles through another tidy over.

Over 32.0 – Namibia 120/4. Nothing to panic about just yet, with set batsman Baard (67* off 105) and new man Craig Williams (RHB) both possessing cool heads, but another wicket or two and Canada will look to restrict the Africans to a very modest total.

Over 31.5 – wicket! Another good caught-and-bowled as Erasmus punches straight off the back foot and Dutta tumbles to his right and snaffles it just before it died. Namibia potentially wobbling here with some key men back in the tent.

Over 31.1 – six! Home crowd loving it as Erasmus steps forward to Dutta and disdainfully swipes a sweep shot over the rope at square. Class shot by a class player.

Over 31.0 – Namibia 113/3. Zafar hustling through the over. Baard plays a nice drive through covers to collect a single, and Erasmus dabs a cut shot also for 1.

Over 30.0 – Namibia 110/3. Good running draws loud cheers as Baard punches Dutta straight and they hustle 2, then he drops it with soft hands into the covers. Erasmus strides forward and confidently knocks a single down the ground.

Over 29.0 – Namibia 106/3. Zafar continues. Zips one past the reaching bat of Erasmus but no stumping as his foot stayed grounded.

Over 28.0 – Namibia 103/3. Dutta drops short and Erasmus draws a loud clap from the home fans by bringing up the team 100 – rocks back and helps it to the rope at square. Perfect timing more than power.

Over 27.0 – Namibia 97/3. New man in is the right-handed captain Gerhard Erasmus.

Over 26.2 – wicket! The Frylinck experiment ends in failure as Jan toe-ends a slog sweep off Zafar, and Patel at cow corner completes a good catch falling forward.

Over 26.0 – Namibia 95/2. Dutta’s offspin on at last. Mucher tighter lines than Patel

Over 25.0 – Namibia 94/2. Interesting decision to send big-hitting Jan Frylinck (LHB) in ahead to captain Gerhard Erasmus. Looking to push up the run rate it seems.

Over 24.4 – wicket! Zafar pushes one slightly quicker past the bat of Bredenkamp. Looked to force off the back foot but not quite short enough and flicks the edge on the way past. Jacobs completes the catch and the Canadians whoop in triumph.

Over 24.0 – Namibia 88/1. Patel being pushed around into the gaps for 2s now. Odd that Dutta hasn’t bowled yet.

Over 23.0 – Namibia 83/1. Zafar keeps his lines a touch better this over.

Over 22.0 – Namibia 80/1. Solid platform being assembled here by Baard and Bredenkamp. Milking the plentiful singles on offer. Jacobs letting the match slip again.

Over 21.3 – Stephen Baard reaches his half-century! Punches one down to long-off from Patel and collects the necessary single. Well batted so far.

Over 19.0 – Namibia 70/1. Saad bin Zafar into the attack makes it left-arm finger spin from both ends. Zafar already more accurate than Patel with a troubling hitting-top-of-off line. Drinks taken.

Over 18.0 – Namibia 68/1. Patel still being milked for singles. Defensive field from Jacobs already.

Over 17.0 – Namibia 64/1. Heyliger still rolling in. Baard and Bredenkamp looking comfortable against him as they exploit the huge space behind square. Then Baard biffs 4! Swings into Heyliger and sends it cleanly over his head to the rope.

Over 16.0 – Namibia 56/1. Singles aplenty as the Namibians work the gaps for the rest of Patel’s over.

Over 15.1 – boundary! Baard collects 4 more as he crouches slightly to swing Patel powerfully through square.

Over 15.0 – Namibia 49/1. Heyliger continues, and guided out to the rope for a boundary! Lovely shot from Baard, just using the pace to send it out through backward point.

Over 14.0 – Namibia 43/1. Hiral Patel into the attack with left-arm orthodox. Flipped out productively through square for singles.

Over 13.0 – Namibia 39/1. Heyliger continues. Bumpy over for Nam, as Baard pushes a sharp single to mid-on, direct hit and a dive! Namibian tent applauds the not-out decision. Then Bredenkamp and Baard both edge dangerously through gully on the drive.

Over 12.0 – Namibia 34/1. Dhaliwal still on, and surprisingly hard to get away. Just nurdled around for 3 singles.

Over 11.0 – Namibia 31/1. Heyliger on bowling right-arm medium with a chesty front-on action. Bredenkamp flips him out through midwicket for 2, then remains tied down by a nagging line.

Over 10.0 – Namibia 29/1. Just rebuilding here as Baard and Bredenkamp push it around and take the singles on offer. Baard edges through the vacant slips! Just one as his attempted expansive drive dribbles away and Jacobs retrieves it.

Over 9.0 – Namibia 26/1. Eranga still on. Bredenkamp off the mark with a tidy flick off his pads to midwicket.

Over 8.0 – Namibia 22/1. Dhaliwal continues and seems to find a bit off fizz off the pitch. Jacobs struggles to hold onto one behind the stumps as it jumps past the bat of new man Bredenkamp (RHB).

Over 7.0 – Namibia 21/1. Eranga doesn’t drop short this over, with Baard only able to punch out through cover-point for 2, then flip a single off his hips.

Over 5.6 – wicket! Kotze drives back past the bowler and Dhaliwal sticks out his hand to cling on to it as it was flying past. Top catch! Namibia 18/1

Over 5.4 – boundary! Kotze scores his first boundary with a lovely cover drive. Dhaliwal dishes up a half-volley and JP lean forward and punches it with perfect timing.

Apologies for the delay – we’ve been having trouble with the wifi in the media tent here.

Over 5.0 – Namibia 14/0. Baard repeats his shot from an over ago against Eranga, rocking back and crunching a thunderous pull shot over the rope at square. Lands in the Canadian tent, just to rub it in.

Over 1.0 – Namibia 0/0. Romesh Eranga bowls a testing first over with his left-arm seamers. LBW shout turned down as he cuts one across Baard into his pads.

9:15 Welcome all! Today Canada skipper Davy Jacobs has called correctly at the toss and decided to send Namibia in. Potentially good news for Namibian skipper Gerhard Erasmus who said before the toss that he didn’t want to win it because he wasn’t sure what to do.


  1. Hey Nick,

    there seems some problem with the comments function, but I’ll try again. How much do you reckon Namibia need here to have something to bowl at?

  2. “Most e-a-s-y tournament of our lives”
    With Canada 94/5 chasing 258 at the halfway mark, bracing for another heartbreak BUT there is still a chance 🙂 even if Canada loose today

    Canada needs to win next 2 games vs PNG, vs USA

    And if Hong Kong HAS loose today and their remaing 2 games, vs USA, vs NAM

    Hoping we win today and make it e-a-s-i-e-r !!

    Go Canada!


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