The Emirates Cricket Board has suspended wicket keeper Ghulam Shabber for absconding, also confirming that he is part of ICC’s anti-corruption investigation in UAE.

Shabber left the country unannounced during UAE’s T20 World Cup Qualifier, failing to show up for a team meeting on Monday the 22nd of October.

The investigation and suspension comes after Shabber vehemently denied that his sudden departure was due to the same anti-corruption investigation which suspended four of his previous teammates. Shabber failed to advise team management, nor gained approval from his employer, before he fled to Pakistan.

In a statement given today, the Emirates Cricket Board updated the situation, and welcomed the efforts of the game’s Anti-Corruption Unit.

“No formal charges have been laid against the player at this stage and, while the ICC anti-corruption investigation continues, the board will make no further comment.

“The board fully supports the ICC and the ICC anti-corruption unit in their efforts, and denounces any activities of corruption.”

Full ECB statement here.


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