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Two UAE players charged with anti-corruption breaches

UAE cricketers Ashfaq Ahmed and Amir Hayat have been formally charged with five counts of breaching cricket's anti-corruption code, and are suspended until further...

Arrests follow European Cricket Network betting probe

Two men in the Indian city of Jaipur were arrested following the discovery of a betting ring allegedly targeting European Cricket Network (ECN) matches....

Al Balushi of Oman banned for seven years by ICC

Oman cricketer Abdulrahim Al Balushi has been banned from cricket for seven years by the ICC today. Al Balushi accepted four charges of breaching the...

Shabber suspended, investigated by ICC ACU

The Emirates Cricket Board has suspended wicket keeper Ghulam Shabber for absconding, also confirming that he is part of ICC's anti-corruption investigation in UAE.

Shakib Al Hasan banned for a year for breaching ICC Anti-Corruption Code

Only a week after the UAE had its fourth player stood down after anti-corruption charges, Shakib Al Hasan - the world number one ranked...

Fourth UAE player suspended in match-fixing probe

Ashfaq Ahmed became the fourth UAE player to be suspended in relation to the match-fixing scandal being investigated by the Anti Corruption Unit of...

UAE fixing scandal: Four players including UAE captain charged and immediately suspended

After being withdrawn from the UAE squad along with two others, all three players including captain Mohammed Naveed have been provisionally suspended by after...

Two Hong Kong players banned for life by ICC

Two former Hong Kong players have been banned for life with a third banned for five years after the ICC Anti-Corruption Tribunal found them...

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