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T20 World Cup: Five Emerging Players to watch


Postponed in 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Oman and the UAE plays host to a highly anticipated T20 World Cup filled with power-hitters, skilful bowlers and numerous contenders. India and England lead the way, with other willing contenders keen to make a mark in what promises to be a competitive Super 12 stage.

However, preceding the main course is no entrée this time around. Fascinating and intriguing in equal measure, five Associate nations make up the First Round of the tournament, each looking to make a mark in front of millions of eyeballs on the world stage. 

If Test nations Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and Ireland think they are in for an easy ride, it would be in their best interests to think again. Scotland, Netherlands, Papua New Guinea, Oman and Namibia have had to wait an extra year for this opportunity, and will be sure to make it count. Oman plays host to one group of the first round, with the top two teams from each group proceeding to the Super 12s. Below are five key players (one from each nation) who will be key to the fortunes of their team.

Charbel Coorey
Charbel Cooreyhttp://CricBlog.net
Charbel is a passionate cricket fan and writer based in Sydney, Australia. Founder and owner of CricBlog, Charbel is an advocate for cricket as a truly global sport and engaging with fans from all around the world.


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