Isle of Man and Guernsey set to return to action in festival of cricket

Cricket is scheduled to resume in Guernsey with matches against the Isle of Man. Isaac Lockett takes a look at the games scheduled to take place.


With cricket returning globally, there has been the scheduling of a series of games between the Isle of Man and Guernsey. 

The games are set to take place on Guernsey with a variety of age groups competing against each other. The games scheduled to take place in August will feature U13, U15, U17 a senior match. The schedule certainly promises for a festival of cricket. 

To start of the series of games, on the 18th August both the U13 sides and the U17 sides will compete against each other. Both teams will be playing two T20 matches and will provide an exciting insight into the developing talents of both teams. Then on the following day, the U17 teams will be competing in a 50 over game. The final of the scheduled junior games is scheduled on the 21st August with the two U15 squads competing in a 45-over fixture.

Then the senior game is scheduled to take place on August 21 where the teams will face-off in a T20I match up. 

The Isle of Man team during the 2018 men’s T20 World Cup European Qualifiers (Photo: ICC)

When talking about the upcoming fixtures, the Isle of Man Cricket Development Officer Greig Wright explained that the schedule for the games was arranged due cancellations of other fixtures. The Isle of Man’s schedule was heavily disrupted due to the outbreak of Covid-19, with both age-group cricket and World Cup qualifiers being cancelled. The senior fixture set to take place in August is an ICC recognised T20I match and therefore world ranking points will be at stake. The fact that the game has world ranking ramifications, in some aspects, is more important than the cancelled qualifier according to Wright. This is due to the qualification points having a longer-term effect on the country’s cricketing positon. 

Wright has stated that he is looking forward to the opportunity for the junior squads to be facing up against another developing cricketing nation. During an interview with Manx Radio, Wright explained how usually the junior fixtures are against English county teams and that coming up against Guernsey will provide a good measure to see where the squads are.    

The operation to get these games to take place is a huge logistical task for both the Isle of Man Cricket Association and the Guernsey Cricket Board and one which appears to run with a fantastic level of organisation. It is thought that there will be around 170 individuals flying out of the Isle of Man to Guernsey for the games in what promises to be a fascinating schedule of fixtures. With special flights being chartered by the Isle of Man Cricket Association, there must be full credit given to the organisations for the commitment to get these games on. But before the trip is able to take place, there is the need for fundraising to take place and sponsorship to be found. 

These games will not only determine world ranking points will have a much greater meaning for the junior teams competing. The memories and lessons learnt during these games will be invaluable as the players develop into both countries next cricketing stars.

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