Al Balushi of Oman banned for seven years by ICC

Al Balushi was charged back in January after breaching several articles of the code during the T20 World Cup Qualifier.

Oman cricketer Abdulrahim Al Balushi has been banned from cricket for seven years by the ICC today.

Al Balushi accepted four charges of breaching the ICC Anti-Corruption Code, all in relation to the men’s T20 World Cup Qualifiers last year in the United Arab Emirates.

Al Balushi was charged back in January of his four breaches, which were as follows:

Breach of Article 2.1.1 – being party to an agreement or effort to fix or contrive in any way the result, progress, conduct or any other aspect of matches.

Breach of Article 2.1.4 – Attempting to solicit, induce, entice, persuade, encourage or intentionally facilitate a Participant to breach Article 2.1.

Breach of Article 2.4.4 – failing to report the approaches or invitations that you received from three different individuals to be a party to an agreement or effort to fix matches in the ICC World T20 Qualifiers 2019.

Breach of Article 2.4.7 – Obstructing or delaying an investigation carried out by the ACU in relation to possible Corrupt Conduct under the Code, including by concealing or tampering with information that may be relevant to that investigation and/or that may be evidence of or lead to the discovery of evidence of Corrupt Conduct under the Code.

Al Balushi admitted to the charges and agreed to the sanction with the ICC, rather than fronting an Anti-Corruption Tribunal hearing.

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