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Japan defeat exposes cricket’s media oligopoly

After Japan's 10 wicket defeat to India at the U19 World Cup, cricket's ugly discourse criticising developing nations reared its head once more.

Namibia’s super Sunday at the 2016 Under-19 World Cup

Unheralded Namibia produced one of the greatest shocks in youth cricketing history when they toppled defending champions South Africa by two wickets in a gripping Group...

Nigeria ready to compete with the world’s best at maiden U19 World Cup

Nigeria surprised everyone–apart from themselves–when they qualified for the U19 World Cup early last year. Despite competing in a tournament that had three nations...

Scotland spinning to win in eighth appearance at U19 World Cup

Scotland begin their eighth appearance at an U19 World Cup on Saturday, as their tournament opens with a match against Pakistan in the South...

Ambitious Canadians fly South for the winter

While the senior Canada teams (both men's and women's) have experienced a decade-long drought of global tournament appearances, the youth side has been a...

From Sano to South Africa, history beckons for Japan U19 trailblazers

You have two options. You could live in the neon-lit Tokyo, where a robot can make you an Instagramable tuna maki. Or you could choose Sano,...

The ICC is sitting on a 300 million person cricket revolution ahead of this month’s U19 World Cup

The Under-19’s Men's Cricket World Cup is usually relegated to vague opinion pieces regarding who the next big thing will be for the major...

Senior experience to help UAE in U19 World Cup quest

UAE earned qualification to the ICC U19 Cricket World Cup for the first time without the aid of host status in some style back...

Under 19 European World Cup Qualifiers Review

The 2020 Under 19 World Cup qualification wrapped up last week with the completion of the European contingent of qualifying for the tournament. With...

Japan qualify for first world cup, PNG forfeit after 10 players questioned for shoplifting

(UPDATED 0130, 0930 AEST) There was drama aplenty, a shroud of mystery and a touch of the ridiculous at Sano today, as Japan awoke to...

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