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Opinion: For cricket to grow globally, the power of BCCI needs to be challenged: Part 2

In Part 2 of this article, Shounak looks at the dark clouds of corruption surrounding N Srinivasan, and his reported fresh attempts at an ICC...

Five rings. Five hundred grand: How Olympic inclusion will turbo-charge cricket’s development in Brazil and beyond

Speaking on the Emerging Cricket Podcast that aired on 31st July, Matt Featherston, the former Kent representative and now Cricket Brazil President renewed calls for...

Opinion: For cricket to grow globally, the power of BCCI needs to be challenged – Part 1

“Cricket is a great game. It deserves to have governance, including management and ethics, worthy of the sport. This is not the position at the...

Cricket the perfect integration tool for Italian migrants

Cricket is at the forefront of a special project running in the Italian city of Udine helping integrate migrants from Pakistan & Afghanistan to the...

Full membership & World Cup dream beckons for Tajik Cricket Federation

A lot of keen cricket observers would have noted with bemusement, the recent announcement of a new Betbarter sponsored T10 cricket tournament in Tajikistan. What?...

Investigating the Free to Air vs Paid service provider TV conundrum

As COVID-19 keeps wreaking havoc worldwide, putting entire countries under severe economic and healthcare stress; it has also brought much of the sporting world to...

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