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Growing cricket from the grassroots in Ukraine with Kobus Olivier

Shounak Sarkar chats to ex-South African cricketer Kobus Olivier about grassroots cricket development in Ukraine.

Battluga Gombo and cricket development in Mongolia

Battluga Gombo is a man of many impressive achievements. He is a burly, broad shouldered former Mongolian judoka who has represented his country with pride...

Paul van Meekeren on Associate Cricket, Uber-Eats driving and Olympics

Life can be tough for an Associate cricketer. Prior to the introduction of global T20 status, many such talented players had to toil away in...

Uzbekistan becomes the newest addition to the ‘Stan’ cricket family

Afghanistan’s fairytale ascension from obscurity to World Cup participation and Full Membership is well known to cricket fans. It is an enthralling and heart-warming story...

Olympics not an immediate priority says ICC Global Development Head

Speaking with Emerging Cricket in a long form interview recently, ICC Head of Global Development William Glenwright stated that while Olympics inclusion is not an...

First purpose built cricket ground in western Japan opens its doors

The first purpose-built cricket ground in western Japan is all set to open its doors this coming weekend, on 4th October 2020. The weekend festivities...

Uruguay’s greatest football club Peñarol rediscovers cricket roots

Life has come full circle for cricket at Club Atlético Peñarol in Uruguay. It is an extraordinary development as Peñarol is no ordinary football club....

Azzurri legend Vieri considers cricket return in Italy

Italian football hero Christian Vieri was recently quoted by TuttoSport as saying that he harbours a desire of playing club cricket in Italy. “I did not...

No grounds, no problems: How Russian cricket is fighting against the odds

Cricket has found an unlikely foothold in the vast, cold expanse of Russia. Russian cricket prospects looked grim when in July 2019, just after the...

Indian Government partners with Maldives to build stadium in Hulhumalé

In news sure to excite cricket fans in Maldives and the emerging world, the Indian Government has announced that they are providing assistance to the...

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