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Ireland’s BazBall Test Awaits at Lord’s

It's not very often we get to say this, so savour it. Sniff it. Breathe it in. Swirl it around the glass: Test cricket....

Multi-Day Cricket, Full Membership, and the Netherlands

The new ICC rules mean that it is possible to become a Full Member without becoming a Test-playing nation, and that is the path that the Dutch governing body, the KNCB, has chosen in its bid to graduate from the Associate ranks within the next five years.

Oman Cricket Academy Ground approved for Test Cricket

The ICC has approved the use of the Oman Cricket Academy Ground 1 at Al Amarat, Oman, for Test match cricket. The accreditation comes...

A ‘Test’ by any other name would smell as sweet?

It’s fourteen years since Dave Richardson, then ICC general manager, floated an imaginative scheme for a three-tier, 20-team structure for Test cricket. There would be...

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