Jersey launches ‘Fairway Super Series’ – a new charity-aligned junior tournament

Isaac Lockett reports on the unveiling of a new cricket tournament in Jersey with four teams each aligned to a particular Jersey charity

In a recent press release, the Jersey Cricket Board unveiled an exciting new addition to their cricket system. ‘The Fairway Super Series’ is a new junior focused tournament that will be scheduled to signal the end of a successful cricket season. 

The tournament offers the opportunity for players to gain further competitive experience against some of the best young cricketers on the island. The tournament which will be scheduled to run in September will see 48 players, including members of the Women’s national team, compete for the title over the course of a two-day event. The 48 players will be invited to sign up for the draft based on their performances over the course of the season. Once 48 players have signed up for the tournament, teams will then be selected via a draft selection method.  

The unveiling of the teams that are to take part during ‘The Fairway Super Series’ (Photo: Jersey Cricket Board)

The four teams are associated with a charity that makes a real difference on the island. The tournament will see the Beresford Street Kitchen Bandits, Shelter Trust Titans, Every Child Eagles and Lord Taverners Lightning all compete; with the Jersey Cricket Board using cricket as an opportunity to raise awareness of the charities and has the hope of helping the charities raise money. During the tournament, the players will also be given an insight into the work being done by these charities and to learn about the work done within their society.  

Jersey national cricket team is currently going through a golden age in regards to the talent of the national side. With players like Dominic Blampied, Ben Stevens and Jonty Jenner having all previously been highlighted for praise due to their fantastic performances, there is plenty of quality playing for the island; and the cricket board are using this golden period to help inspire the next international cricketers. Men’s national team players Charles Perchard, Jonty Jenner, Corey Bisson and Harrison Carlyon will all be present for the tournament and offer hands-on coaching advice and mentorship to the players. The players who are playing in the tournament will be able to gain a lot of information and advice from the mentors who have gained international plaudits for their performances.   

When speaking about the tournament, Jersey Cricket Board Cricket Development Manager, Lee Meloy said that ‘we are really excited about the opportunity to provide a modern cricket experience for our most promising juniors mirroring the T20 franchise cricket we see on TV. With full coloured kits and a draft event this annual tournament will give junior club cricketers something to aim for throughout the regular season’. Alongside this Meloy stated that he is thankful for Fairway with their involvement with junior cricket in the island nation, stating that ‘Fairway have continued their support of local junior cricket on the island and we are thankful for their assistance in being able to provide a superb cricket experience for all involved’. When speaking about Fairway’s involvement with junior cricket, Darren Toudic who is the Director at Fairway Group stated that ‘Fairway Group is extremely excited by this new tournament and the opportunities that it brings for the next generation of cricketers in Jersey. We believe that this is the beginning of a tournament which the players will look forward to at the end of each year, creating a fun and vibrant progression for them’.

Jersey celebrate a wicket during the 2019 ICC World Cup Qualifiers

The Jersey Cricket Board will be looking to ensure that the period of fantastic development continues and the ‘The Fairway Super Series’ appears to be a crucial element of a cricketers development. 

For more information regarding the charities involved in the ‘The Fairway Super Series’ follow the links below: 

Beresford Street Kitchen –

Every Child Our Future –

Lord Taverners –

The Shelter Trust –

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