Emerging Cricket Podcast catch-up: Max Abbott

Another Podcast for your ears! We spoke to Max Abbott on the Emerging Cricket Podcast, across all your listening platforms!

In case you missed it, we caught up with T20 World Cup Media and Communications Manager, and EC Patron, Max Abbott on the latest Emerging Cricket Podcast.

From planning digital media strategy in promoting both the men’s and women’s tournament to watching 86,000 people fill the MCG for the women’s final, Abbott reflects on how he and his team played their part in promoting the game, and some of the amazing stories along the way.

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Abbott discusses the general public’s exposure to Thailand’s meteoric rise, and the attention the new kids on the World Cup block brought the tournament’s social channels.

“Everyone’s first reaction when you say Thailand’s in a World Cup was stunned, horror almost, amongst the Australian media when you first mention that proposition to them.

“But we had 1.2 million engagements on their content across the tournament which means that’s not just watching it, that’s actually actively liking, commenting on that content.”

Max also discusses his deeper Emerging Cricket connections, working alongside Tim Cutler in Hong Kong, launching and promoting the HK T20 Blitz as Head of Major Events, and also reflects on a childhood growing up in a showbiz family with two parents well known on Australian TV screens.

Max Abbott joins the Emerging Cricket Podcast (Twitter)

With the men’s T20 World Cup still at this stage going ahead, Max outlines the media strategy for the 16-team tournament, featuring four Associate members in the early stages.

“There was over 50 million video views on Thailand cricket content through the (women’s) tournament over a couple of weeks so, that in itself is a big number, but I think more significantly after the first week of the tournament, the highlights of Thailand and the West Indies was the second-most popular video on all of the ICC channels.”

“Hopefully after the men’s T20 World Cup when we have a bigger sample size of more teams playing there’s a better argument to be had (that more associate participation would equal more fan engagement).”

As well as our chat with Max, we also catch up with news from several pockets around the world where cricket operations have resumed. The Czech Republic, as reported by Tim Cutler earlier in the week, endeavour to have T20 league action in late June. In the United States, we keep you up to date with backroom shuffles, as well as another coaching appointment, plus we have updates from Taiwan and Vanuatu where cricket action has already begun in the COVID-19 era.

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