Cricket a sport for all ages in Namibia

Isaac Lockett reports on the latest exciting news coming out of Namibia, where the national cricketing board continues to reveal exciting plans regarding developments to the countries domestic set up.

Cricket Namibia has again released some exciting news with the release of a new junior tournament and a ‘Veterans Cricket’ programme. 

Namibians cricket governing body in partnership with APS announced the concept of the ‘The National APS Sixes’. The tournament, which is scheduled to take place on a national level, will see 10 and 11-year-old cricketers have their first introduction to hardball cricket; it is also an aim of cricket Namibia to see an all-girls team participate in the tournament. 

Cricket Namibia junior tournament
Namibia’s young cricketers, members of the national team, and both representatives from Cricket Namibia and APS during the announcement of the tournament. (Photo: Cricket Namibia)

Cricket Namibia CEO Johan Muller, described his vision for the tournament stating that ‘Our (Cricket Namibia’s) vision is that every Namibian child has access to the game in various formats and that we bring cricket into the country through international tours and promote the game of cricket within our country’.

Cricket Namibia has already started their journey to expand the game outside of Windhoek with the administration hosting their first cricket roadshow during 2019 and coaching courses being organised in Outjo. The tournament being held across the country will only aid in the development of knowledge within rural communities which according to Polly Negongo for cricket to grow in Namibia. The new tournament, however, is not just aimed at growing the game but to enhance the development of the next generation of Eagles. Robert de Villiers, Managing Director of APS, acknowledged the need to continue the period of cricketing prosperity in the country.

“With all the achievements that Cricket Namibia has accomplished thus far, we need to create a larger pool of players to be more competitive at International and maintain a high standard”, de Villiers explained.

This is not the first collaboration between APS and Cricket Namibia with the APS cricket academy being one of the main sponsors of  ‘The Annual XCO & APS Junior Cricket Tournament’. There has not been an announcement of when the tournament is scheduled, but it promises to be another key step in the development of Namibian cricketing talent. 

Talent development is not just for the youth of the country. Namibia, since participating in their first over 50’s world cup in 2020, has placed an emphasis on identifying and developing talent to represent the country in the next tournament. This emphasis has resulted in the launching of the ‘Veterans Cricket’ programme.

The programme is aimed at ensuring that anybody aged 40 and over is able to maintain their close connection with the sport. This official launch of the ‘Veteran Cricket’ follows the releasing of information about an over 40’s league which is scheduled to start in December 2020.   

Robert de Villiers (right), Managing Director of APS, and Johan Muller (left), Cricket Namibia CEO, during the  ‘The National APS Sixes’ launch. (Photo: Cricket Namibia)

Both the new junior tournament and the official launching of ‘Veterans Cricket’ is the latest in a series of positive moves to ensure that cricket is available for all. The Association continues to put the future of Namibian cricket in an exciting place.

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