CAN doubles match fees for Nepal Men

Despite the change for Nepal's men, the women's national team's rates remain the same.

Nepal Men
Nepal men

The Cricket Association of Nepal (CAN) has doubled the ODI match fees of the Men’s National Cricket Team.

With the passing of the new Financial Procedures and Regulations Bill in the board meeting, the Nepal Men national cricketers will now receive a sum of NRs. 10,000 per ODI as a match fee. Similarly, the Men cricketers will receive NRs 5,000 for every T20I match from now onwards. The amount is exclusive to the annual contract fee that a player gets.

However, the disparity in pay still remains in the case of the Women’s National Cricket Team. The Women cricketers will receive a match fee of NRs 5,000 per One Day match and NRs 3,000 per T20I match. One Day matches are scarce for Nepalese Women Cricketers, both nationally and internationally, and also to be noted that a large pay gap remains in the central contract of two teams where the A Grade Women Cricketers receive half the contract fee as that of a C Grade men’s cricketer. The previous contracts have expired and the new contract has not been signed as of yet. 

With the passing of CAN’s new programme, both the men and women cricketers will receive a daily allowance of Rs 500 while in the closed training camps for international competitions. Nepal’s national cricket team and players of different age groups, men’s and women’s team players, officials, coaches, technical staff traveling to participate in international competitions will get a daily allowance of US $50 US dollars. Annually, the provincial and district associations of CAN will receive Rs. 3,00,000 and Rs. 1,00,000 respectively for office operations.

New Match Fees and Allowances 


ODI: NRs 10,000 (Men), NRs. 5,000 (Women) 

T20I: NRs 5,000 (Men), NRs. 3,000 (Women) 

Closed Training Camp: NRs. 500 per day (both) 


50 overs: NRs. 2,500 (Men), NRs 2,000 (Women) 

T20s: NRs 2,000 (Men), NRs 1,500 (Women) 

Closed Training Camp: NRs 500 per day (both) 

Umpire Allowance (National competitions)

Two dayers: Rs. 5,000, One Day: Rs. 3,500, T20: Rs. 2,500

Umpire Allowance (Provincial competitions)

Two dayers: Rs. 3,000, One Day: Rs. 2,000, T20: Rs. 1,500

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