Bermuda’s attention turns to the ‘Twenty20 All-Star Classic’

Isaac Lockett reports on the introduction of a new exciting event to the Bermudan domestic calender

Bermuda EC world cup of jerseys

The Bermuda Cricket Board (BCB) and the Cricket Committee have announced an exciting addition to the domestic calendar. The ‘Twenty20 All-Star Classic’ is set to be an enthralling addition to the calendar and will see the island’s best players competing against each other. The event has is scheduled to take place on the 12th of September 2020 at the Somerset Bridge  Recreation Club   

The event will see the best players from the Premier Division compete against each other in one match then the top picks from the First Division will fight it out in another. The two teams competing in the games will be called the President’s XI and the Vice-President’s XI. The four teams, which were announced on the BCB’s Facebook page on Tuesday, were selected by the National Team Selection Committee; which is led by former Bermudian player Dwayne Leverock. 

There has been plenty of support shown for the introduction of the ‘All-Star Classic’ by members of the BCB. Peter Philpot, the Board’s High-Performance Chairman told The Royal Gazette ‘we (the BCB’s High-Performance committee) fully support this new initiative … The first All-Star Classic will provide a best versus best based on the 2020 season … The long-term effect will see us aim to establish an emerging talent team to create a more efficient introduction to our senior national team programmes’.

Steven Douglas, BCB Cricket Committee chairman, explained the rationale behind the matches introduction explaining that ‘As the new chair, one of my mandates proposed by the committee was to breathe life into our annual competitions … After ten to 15 years of league, cup and knockout competitions, the time is right to add an All-Star Classic … The Covid-19 pandemic has allowed the BCB to think outside of the box and review all of our protocols and mandates … Through the All-Star Classic, we will be able to encourage more players to make themselves available for national team selection, add another fixture into our annual calendar and improve our national teams at all levels … We must begin to play more cricket and extend our season beyond the traditional four months if we wish to remain competitive in the ICC Americas region and full ICC tournaments’. 

With a number of some Bermuda’s finest players competing during the match, the up-coming games promise to be a fascinating display of the best talents from the countries domestic leagues. 

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