9 teams remain in German T20 Meisterschaft as finals day looms

Germany club KSV

With less than two weeks until finals day, 9 teams are still vying for the Deutsche T20 Meisterschaft. German clubs have been battling it out since June in the domestic T20 competetition. With the knockout phases underway, 9 teams remain in contention, all looking for a first title.

Each of Germany’s seven regional cricket boards contests its own tournament, with the winner of each progressing to the national finals. Over the last two weeks, 5 of the regional tournaments have concluded, with the remaining two approaching their respective finals.

Regional Champions

The first regional tournament to be completed was Baden-Württemburg in the southwest, with winners Stuttgart C.V. defeating Cricket Lions Karlsruhe and progressing to the national finals.

The next regional champion was Kummerfeld Sport Verien (KSV) who won the Norddeutscher T20. KSV, the defending Bundesliga (50 over) champions, defeating 2019 ECL runners-up SG Findorff in the final to progress.

Last weekend saw three more regions complete their tournaments. First, in Bavaria, ATV Frankonia Nürnberg defeated CC Bayern Munich (not affiliated with the football team!). SG Eintracht Halle became the first champions of Sachsen-Anhalt as the region completed its first season as a DCB associate. Finally, Bonn Blue Stars went undefeated in the Westdeutscher region to reach the national finals.

Two regions have only their finals still to play. In the Ostdeutchser final, Berlin clubs BSC Rehberge and Britannia Berlin will go head-to-head. The central state of Hessen will see MSC Frankfurt will play SG Hainhausen. Both matches will take place on Saturday 12th September.

Finals day looms

National quarterfinals will be played on Sunday 13th September. ATV Frankonia Nürnberg play Stuttgart CV, while KSV play Bonn Blue Stars. Eintracht Halle will play the winner of the Ostdeutscher final. Having provided the national champion in 2019, the Hessen winner receives a bye to finals day.

Notable absentees from the final nine are ECL ’19 runners-up SG Findorff, and 2019 T20 winners SGA Darmstadt. It is noteworthy that none of the still competing teams have won the Meisterschaft in its 9-year history.

With Darmstadt defeated in the Hessen regional semi-finals, it is probable that a playoff will take place between the 2019 and 2020 champions to qualify for the European Cricket League in 2021.

National finals day is scheduled for 20th September, with the semi-finals and final played in one day.

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