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Quick chat with Suleeporn Laomi: The Thailand World Cup Diaries, Day 13, Canberra


In this segment of the tour diary, we speak to Suleeporn Laomi, Thailand’s ace leg-spinner and one of the country’s most experienced players. Her four over spells against the West Indies (0/14) and England (0/26) went at only five an over, and she bowled a maiden against the former.

She speaks about how it feels to play in a World Cup, her bowling plans, her approach to fielding, and her outlook on Thailand’s opposition here in Australia.

Suleeporn Laomi at the team hotel in Canberra.

Nishadh Rego
Nishadh Rego
Nishadh is a policy and advocacy professional with a keen interest in sport, migration, and politics. A passionate follower of emerging cricket, and ex-Thailand player, he also served as the media manager at the recent T20 World Cup as part of a partnership between Emerging Cricket and the Cricket Association of Thailand.


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