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T20 World Cup Qualifier: Bes chats to SportFM

Our friends at SportFM in Perth discuss the ongoing T20 World Cup Qualifier, where all six spots for Australia have been locked up.


Emerging Cricket’s Daniel Beswick joined SportFM‘s Jacob Landsmeer to discuss the T20 World Cup Qualifier in UAE.In the chat Bes also discusses the work of Daniel Weston and the European Cricket League, and the progress of the sport in Asia, Africa and the Americas.

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Keep up with T20 World Cup action right here as we provide coverage of the tournament on-site in UAE.

Emerging Cricket
Emerging Cricket
Emerging Cricket is a collective of individuals brought together in their passion for the growth of the game outside its traditional centres – to provide news, insight and opinion on the sport beyond the mainstream, at the game’s frontiers; cricket’s new world.


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