T20 World Cup, Asia Cup decisions postponed until next month after meetings stagnate

Announcements on the Men's T20 World Cup, Women's World Cup and Asia Cup have been delayed by their respective cricket boards.

The International Cricket Council (ICC) today announced that a decision for both the Men’s T20 World Cup in October 2020 and Women’s World Cup in 2021 would be delayed until next month.

In a media release published by the ICC, the board decided that the month delay will be used for ongoing planning for delivery of the events in the scheduled windows.

According to the release, the planning will evaluate health and safety recommendations as well as cricket, partner and host considerations ensuring any decision made is in the best interests of the sport, its members and fans.

The ICC remains conservative in wanting to decide on the fate of the competition in the wake of the ever-changing public health guidelines across the countries and wants to give the events the best opportunity to take place.

“We will only get one chance to make this decision and it needs to be the right one and as such we will continue to consult with our Members, broadcasters, partners, governments and players and to ensure that we make a well-informed decision.” ICC CEO Manu Sawhney said.

“The situation surrounding the global pandemic is evolving rapidly and we want to give ourselves the best possible opportunity to make the right decision for the whole sport. The health and well-being of everyone involved is our priority and other considerations fall out from that.” Sawhney said.

The decision on both the World Cups was joined by the announcement made by the Asian Cricket Council (ACC) that a decision on the Asia Cup, scheduled for September 2020 would be delayed till next month as well.

Slated to be held in Pakistan, the issue of the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic is not the only problem for the ACC to consider with India not able to travel into Pakistan. An issue foreseen by many media critics when the competition was announced to be held in Pakistan in May 2019.

Speculation continues that the United Arab Emirates or Sri Lanka appear the two favourites to host the competition should the ACC deem Pakistan unfit to host and the competition safe to run in September.

The competition would be seen as a precursor to the T20 World Cup with one of the United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Hong Kong or Singapore joining India, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Afghanistan in the competition.

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