MiLC Covid-19: player tests positive, 5 games postponed

MiLC faces its first Covid hurdles, while the Washington Cricket League announced to members today the cancellation of their own league games in response.

Washington MiLC Covid

A member of Minor League Cricket’s DC Hawks has tested positive for Covid-19, according to an announcement by USA Cricket.

Following the weekend of games, the first in the Minor League Cricket exhibition season, the infected player experienced a high fever and went to be tested. The test returned positive, and the Washington Cricket League announced to members today the cancellation of their own league games in response. The infected player, along with another Washington Cricket League player who tested positive, both participated in WCL games on Saturday. The DC Hawks player then traveled with the team for two MiLC games on Sunday

Emerging Cricket has been told that others within the Hawks weekend entourage are also exhibiting symptoms. All players and support staff from DC Hawks, Empire State Titans, and The Philadelphians will undergo testing.

In response, Minor League Cricket will postpone five games. Last weekend’s games featuring potentially exposed teams were held in Pennsylvania, which is outside of the quarantine list defined by New York, New Jersey and Connecticut. The DC Hawks, however, are comprised of many players from suburbs outside of Washington, DC. Maryland and Virginia were recently added to the region’s quarantine list.

New Jersey Stallions were scheduled to play against DC Hawks in Maryland on September 19, and travel to New Jersey to play The Philadelphians on September 20. DC Hawks would have also traveled to New Jersey on September 20 to play New England Eagles.

Below is the announcement from the Washington Cricket League in the wake of the MiLC Covid-19 issue.

Washington Cricket League MiLC Covid-19.
An announcement by Washington Cricket League’s President Anand Patel to league members on September 16 reveals potential Covid-19 spread within WCL and MiLC.

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  1. Insane to rush headlong into these exhibitions with the plague raging.
    ACE are totally to blame. In their dreams of cricket riches in America
    they’re putting lives at risk.


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