Cricket World Cup

Dutch no match for India in Bengaluru

The Indian juggernaut rolled relentlessly over the Netherlands in Bengaluru on Sunday, moving into a semi-final encounter with New Zealand with an untroubled 160-run...

Dutch left to ponder what might have been

It was the kind of umpiring situation that DRS was introduced to prevent, and this time that system signally failed; the result was a...

Dutch run themselves into the ground as Afghanistan triumph

It was, after all, their urgent, determined running between the wickets during the Qualifier in Zimbabwe which had been instrumental in getting the Netherlands...

Champions Trophy misdirection opens window for the Dutch

It was such a bizarre series of events you might have thought it was a practical joke. The sudden revelation that the qualifying procedure...

Australia give Dutch a tough cricket lesson

If the Sri Lanka had been a come-down after Dharamsala, Tuesday's match against Australia at Delhi was a painful reminder of just how big...

Engelbrecht and Van Beek’s record-breaking stand is not enough against Sri Lanka

Coming down both literally and metaphorically from the heights of their Dharamsala triumph, the Dutch camp will doubtless ask themselves some serious questions about...

Five for Santner as New Zealand overpower the Dutch

It was always going to be an uphill battle, especially with spearhead Logan van Beek on the sidelines with a hamstring problem, and in...

Pakistan survive some wobbles for a comfortable win

We have all seen this script before, the Dutch cast in the role of the plucky challenger, going toe to toe with a heavier,...

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