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The Kenyan miracle and a St. Patrick’s Day for the ages: Associates at the World Cup, Part 4 (2003 & 2007)

Bangladesh’s elevation to Test status in 2000, coupled with the increase in the number of participating teams by two on previous editions, led to...

Lions, Tigers & flair: 1996 & 1999. Associates at the World Cup, Part 3.

As seen in Part 2, Zimbabwe became the ninth Test nation in 1992, thus opening up further opportunities for the Associates to partake...

The Zimbabwe years: ’83, ’87, ’92. Associates at the World Cup, Part 2.

Having revisited the fortunes of Associate nations at the first two World Cups in 1975 and 1979 in Part 1 of this five-part series,...

Associates at the World Cup, Part 1: 1975 & 1979

Thanks to the International Cricket Council’s retrograde decision to reduce the number of the teams at the World Cup, the 12th edition of the showpiece event,...

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