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Cricket in the midnight sun – a potted update on Iceland cricket’s sagas

Storytelling is integral to the Icelandic tradition. Peculiar accounts of the human experience are described as key to Iceland’s oral history, serving “as tools that...

The ECN Czech Super Series and growing cricket in the Czech Republic

When the ECN Czech Super Series begins on June 13th, the Českomoravský Kriketový Svaz (the Czech Republic Cricket Union) will be able to boast of...

Cricket in Scotland is the awkward middle child, but this needs to change

"All Scotland need now is a bit more recognition and a pro-European plan with its emerging counterparts in Netherlands and Ireland." In a recent Emerging Cricket...

For the sake of the game, bring back the Intercontinental Cup

2019 was a breakthrough year for Associate Cricket in many ways, but the outbreak of COVID-19 and subsequent standstill of all cricket (and all normality)...

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