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Deferral of Associate membership is a bitter blow for Ukrainian Cricket: Kobus Olivier

“Without Associate membership or any sort of financial assistance from the ICC, cricket will cease to exist in Ukraine,” Kobus Olivier states bluntly as...

Kobus Olivier: Surviving the War and Escape to Poland

“Once Irpin fell in the hands of the advancing Russian army, I realised I had very little time left to get out of...

Dubai millionaire Shyam Bhatia unveiled as patron of Ukrainian Cricket

The Ukraine Cricket Federation (UCF) have appointed Dubai-based businessman Shyam Bhatia as the official patron of cricket in the Eastern European country. A special...

Growing cricket from the grassroots in Ukraine with Kobus Olivier

Shounak Sarkar chats to ex-South African cricketer Kobus Olivier about grassroots cricket development in Ukraine.

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