Curtailed Dutch Pro Series finishes under cloudy skies with two more Seafarers wins


The 2020 Pro Series ended on a somewhat anticlimactic note on Thursday, with the Seafarers winning their second T20 against the Hurricanes in as many days and the remaining games cancelled, as the projected internationals against Germany had been.

These two matches nevertheless gave some of the KNCB’s young hopefuls another workout, and if this week’s games lacked the sort of highlights that the first set had seen, there were still some encouraging performances.

At Thurlede on Wednesday Tonny Staal’s Seafarers, having elected to bat first, seized the initiative at once, with a 59-run opening stand from just 29 deliveries between Tobias Visée and Stef Myburgh, and this was an advantage they never surrendered.

Visée’s 15-ball 27, with three sixes, was matched by Myburgh’s 47 from 26 deliveries, including nine fours, and while Clayton Floyd chipped away with three for 20 from his four overs, a solid 33 not out from Boris Gorlee took the southerners up to 157 for six.

The Hurricanes were never able to create a comparable momentum, not even when Salland’s Victor Lubbers (24 from 19 balls) and Ben Cooper (29 from 21) were building a useful second-wicket stand, and with Pierre Jacod, Max Hoornweg and Musa Nadeem Ahmad all keeping the run rate down, they finished on 138 for seven.

It was a similar story at Maarschalkerweerd on Thursday, where the Hurricanes, this time batting first, again struggled to break the shackles.

Cooper (25), Vikram Singh (29) and Aryan Dutt (25) all got a start, but with Sebastiaan Braat taking three for 26 the northerners fell just short of six an over, their 119 for seven a very modest total by current standards.

Rain between the innings brought a two-over reduction and a revised target of 111, and although Julian de Mey had the satisfaction of removing his HBS teammate Visée for 14, Musa Ahmad with 21 and Shirase Rasool with 30 at almost a run a ball set the Seafarers on course for victory.

No-one played a truly decisive knock, but the bits and pieces were enough to see Staal’s side home with nine deliveries to spare.

Seafarers Vs Hurricanes

Match Four

1-Innings T20 Match Played At Thurlede, Schiedam, 19-Aug-2020, North Sea Pro Series T20

Seafarers Win by 19 runs
Toss won bySeafarers
UmpiresRJ Akram – N Bathi
Scorer notesEM Heggelman and B Kroesen
Home SideSeafarers
Comment12 players per side; 11 bat, 11 field.
Points AwardedSeafarers 4, Hurricanes 0

Seafarers 1st Innings 157/6 Closed (Overs 20)

TP Visée+c C Floydb VJ Kingma271513
SJ Myburghc BN Cooperb C Floyd472690
AJ Staal*st RTF Verhagenb C Floyd1600
MN Ahmadc RTF Verhagenb OM Elenbaas161420
SM Zulfiqarc A Jainb C Floyd91700
BHG Gorleenot out 332830
TS Braatc BFW de Leedeb OM Elenbaas1500
NT Etmannot out 5900
PRP Boissevaindnb     
MB Hoornwegdnb     
PJ Jacoddnb     
extras (b4 lb5 w9 nb0)18   
TOTAL 6 wickets for157   
1-59(TP Visée) 2-74(AJ Staal) 3-94(SJ Myburgh) 4-103(MN Ahmad) 5-121(SM Zulfiqar)
6-127(TS Braat)
JI de Mey404301
VJ Kingma403514
BFW de Leede20130
C Floyd402032
A Jain20170
OM Elenbaas40202

Hurricanes 1st Innings 138/7 Closed (Overs 20)

V Singhst TP Viséeb SM Zulfiqar223120
VS Lubbersst TP Viséeb SM Zulfiqar241902
BN Cooperc TS Braatb MB Hoornweg292102
BFW de Leede*run out MN Ahmad 10701
A Duttrun out SM Zulfiqar 151400
RTF Verhagenc AJ Staalb MB Hoornweg8701
JI de Meyc TP Viséeb TS Braat101500
JJ vanTroostnot out 5700
OM Elenbaasnot out 0000
A Jaindnb     
VJ Kingmadnb     
extras (b8 lb0 w6 nb1)15   
TOTAL 7 wickets for138   
1-49(VS Lubbers) 2-58(V Singh) 3-78(BFW de Leede) 4-98(BN Cooper)
5-109(RTF Verhagen) 6-125(A Dutt) 7-138(JI de Mey)
PJ Jacod40190
K Nana20210
TS Braat402612
MB Hoornweg30182
SM Zulfiqar402721
MN Ahmad30190

Match Five

1-Innings T20 Match Played At Maarschalkerweerd, Utrecht, 20-Aug-2020, North Sea Pro Series T20

Seafarers Win by 5 wkts (DLS)
Home Side(neutral)
CommentRain delayed resumption; Seafarers’ innings reduced to 18 overs, DLS target 111.
Points AwardedHurricanes 0, Seafarers 4

Hurricanes 1st Innings 119/7 Closed (Overs 20)

BFW de Leede*run out 171410
VS Lubbers b A Jain131600
BN Cooperc MB Hoornwegb PJ Jacod252510
V Singh b TS Braat293200
A Duttc A Jainb TS Braat252400
C Floydlbwb TS Braat0100
R Alphonse+ b MN Ahmad2300
S Ahmadnot out 3300
OM Elenbaasdnb     
JI de Meydnb     
VJ Kingmadnb     
extras (b0 lb1 w4 nb0)5   
TOTAL 7 wickets for119   
1-26(VS Lubbers) 2-41(BFW de Leede) 3-68(BN Cooper) 4-105(V Singh) 5-105(C Floyd)
6-113(R Alphonse) 7-119(A Dutt)
PJ Jacod402511
K Nana101001
A Jain2081
TS Braat402631
L Hartsink40230
MB Hoornweg30150
MN Ahmad201111

Seafarers 1st Innings 114/5 (Overs 16.3)

MN Ahmadlbwb S Ahmad212710
TP Visée+c BN Cooperb JI de Mey14820
SR Rasoolc BN Cooperb VJ Kingma303111
BHG Gorleec BFW de Leedeb C Floyd111300
AJ Staal*c JI de Meyb BN Cooper10801
TS Braatnot out 91310
PJ Jacodnot out 4110
A Jaindnb     
MB Hoornwegdnb     
K Nanadnb     
L Hartsinkdnb     
extras (b0 lb2 w13 nb0)15   
TOTAL 5 wickets for114   
1-21(TP Visée) 2-62(MN Ahmad) 3-90(SR Rasool) 4-91(BHG Gorlee) 5-110(AJ Staal)
VJ Kingma2.401713
BFW de Leede202102
JI de Mey301211
C Floyd402312
S Ahmad302013
OM Elenbaas101302
BN Cooper.5061

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