Day 5 T20 World Cup Qualifier podcast special, tables and reports

Ireland T20 World Cup win Day 5
Ireland T20 World Cup

Here’s our second T20WCQ special as Tim Bes & Nick being you up to speed on the ICC Men’s T20 World Cup Qualifier 2019 UAE during Day 5.

Singapore and PNG impress, Netherlands remain unbeaten as Scotland drops games to Singapore and Namibia; while Bermuda remains winless in Group A in Dubai.  

Over in Group B Canada is 2 & 0, Jersey upsets the UAE, and Ireland and Oman complete the bloc of five teams currently on 4 points. HK and Nigeria languish on zero across in Abu Dhabi.

Enjoy our second T20WCQ special podcast:

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Tables after Day 5

Group A
Papua New Guinea321042.673
Papua New Guinea22044.337

Today’s matches:

23 October:

Group A: Namibia v Bermuda (10h00), Singapore v Kenya (14h10) at ICC Academy 2; ;

Group B: Broadcast: Ireland v Canada (14h10), Hong Kong v Jersey (19h30) at Zayed Cricket Stadium; Oman v Nigeria (10h00) at ADC1/Tolerance Oval.

Tomorrow’s matches:

24 October: Scotland v Bermuda (19h30) at Dubai International Stadium; Netherlands v PNG (10h00) at ICC Academy1; UAE v Nigeria (10h00), Hong Kong v Canada (14h10) at ADC 1.

Completed Matches

18 October: Scotland v Singapore (10h00) report, Netherlands v Kenya (14h10) at ICC Academy 1 report;
Broadcast matches: Hong Kong v Ireland (14h10) report, Oman v UAE (19h30) at Zayed Cricket Stadium, Abu Dhabi report.

Day 1 wrap here.

19 October: PNG v Bermuda (10h00) report, Netherlands v Namibia (14h10) at ICC Academy 1 report; Scotland v Kenya (14h10) at ICC Academy 2 report;
Broadcast: Jersey v Nigeria (14h10) report, Ireland v UAE (19h30) at Zayed Cricket Stadium report.

Day 2 wrap here.

20 October: PNG v Namibia (10h00) report, Bermuda v Singapore (14h10) at ICC Academy 2 report; Hong Kong v Oman (14h10) at Zayed Cricket Stadium report, Canada v Jersey (10h00) at ADC 1 report. Day 3 wrap + pod.

21 October: Scotland v PNG (10h00) report, Kenya v Bermuda (14h10) at ICC Academy 1; Hong Kong v UAE (14h10) report, Canada v Nigeria (19h30) at Zayed Cricket Stadium report; Ireland v Oman (14h10) at ADC 1.

22 October: Scotland v Namibia (10h00), Singapore v Netherlands (14h10) at ICC Academy 1; UAE v Jersey (14h10) at ADC 1 report.


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