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Associate Cricket Year in Review 2023: Seven Key Stories

2023 was a ground-breaking year for Associate cricket. The sport finally broke free of the COVID-19 slump and put the worst of the pandemic affected...

Cricket to make its long awaited return to Olympics for LA 2028 after IOC approval

In news sure to delight Associate cricket fans as well as advocates for the sport's global growth, cricket is all set for inclusion in...

Growing the game in cricket’s new world order

In the last month, there has been a seismic shift in the balance of power between those who run cricket. Four events exemplifiy this...

Olympics not an immediate priority says ICC Global Development Head

Speaking with Emerging Cricket in a long form interview recently, ICC Head of Global Development William Glenwright stated that while Olympics inclusion is not...

Five rings. Five hundred grand: How Olympic inclusion will turbo-charge cricket’s development in Brazil and beyond

Speaking on the Emerging Cricket Podcast that aired on 31st July, Matt Featherston, the former Kent representative and now Cricket Brazil President renewed calls...

Olympic inclusions offers a huge platform for emerging cricket

The conversation about cricket entering the Olympics is optimistic at best, overdone and jaded at worst. However, the past Olympic cycle has seen a...

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