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Regular contributor on sport and business to magazines and newspapers including World Soccer, websites such as and and the BBC World Service radio programme, World Football.
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The story of Moroccan cricket: baksheesh, bombs, and the death of a dream

Morocco hasn’t been kicked out of the ICC because Moroccans don’t play cricket. Or because the North African Kingdom hasn’t got the facilities. Morocco has...

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Development drive continues for Cricket Namibia as new junior tournament launched

Cricket Namibia is looking to maintain the development of the country's future stars with the setting up of a new school tournament...

Hungary joins the European Cricket League from 2022

The Hungarian Cricket Association (HCA) has become the latest federation to sign a long-term agreement with the European Cricket Network to bring...

Book review: Tim Brooks, ‘A Corner of Every Foreign Field: Cricket’s Journey from English Game to Global Sport’

Tim Brooks, A Corner of Every Foreign Field: Cricket’s Journey from English Game to Global Sport. Worthing, Sussex: Pitch Publishing, 2020. Available...

Fiji T10 BulaBash League – Opening the door for a selection revolution?

The chief executive of Cricket Fiji, Alex Konrote, told FBC News he will use the on-going ‘Cricket Fiji T10 BulaBash League’ in...

West Indies as separate cricketing countries?

Here’s a curly question for you: how many countries are members of the International Cricket Council? If you’re a...


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